Sunday, 27 November 2011

30 Days of Lipstick, Day 19: mark Full Colour Lipstick in Coral Fixation

The lipstick I chose for Day 19 was one that is both affordable and extremely flattering. Plus, I got mine in a lovely care package from one of my good friends (which I discussed in a past post, here:, so it was an extra special treat!

The lipstick I'm talking about is mark Full Colour Lipstick in Coral Fixation ($10 CAD via the mark catalogue (a branch of Avon), or at Here is a picture of what the tube looks like (featuring a special guest!):

mark Full Colour Lipstick- Sadie is highly curious!

The lipsticks offer unique magnetic packaging that easily snaps shut and ensures that the lid is always securely connected to the tube. Yay for science ;)

Coral Fixation is a cheery pinky-coral shade that I think would suit most skin tones, especially those with warmer skin. Of all the lipsticks in my stash, I think it's most similar to Clio Art Lipstick in Luminous Coral (which I've reviewed here: ), however I find Coral Fixation to be less sheer and is slightly more pinky-toned. The formula feels smooth and moisturizing (which is wonderful, given the affordable price!) and the pigmentation lies somewhere between sheer and full-coverage. mark touts that their Full Colour Lipsticks offer "a lightweight feel and luminous shine", which is a spot-on claim!

Here is a picture of it in the tube (again, with a curious feline guest-blogger):

mark Full Colour Lipstick in Coral Fixation- Sadie is really loving it!

And here is a picture of it swatched on my arm:


mark Coral Fixation swatched on my inner arm (MAC NC15 skin tone)

And here are a few pictures of me wearing it. Day 19 was another parade of dorky facial expressions, but hopefully you can still get a sense of how pretty this colour is!

Me wearing mark Coral Fixation Full Colour Lipstick

In natural sunlight

And here is a picture with another special guest (wow, this post is star-studded!)... sometimes my boyfriend can't help but be a part of my posts ;) This is what he gets for trying to  make spooky faces behind my back!

The Verdict:

  •  Feels very moisturizing and comfortable on the lips
  • Affordable, and great quality for the price!
  • Great colour pigmentation
  • This should be a flattering coral shade for all skin tones- packs a colour punch, but isn't overwhelming on fair or light skin
  • The only I can think of is that since it isn't available in stores, it might be a bit hard to find!

Overall, mark Coral Fixation is one of my favourite lipsticks and a definite go-to when I'm wanting a coral shade that isn't too sheer and feels comfy on my lips. It'll definitely be a staple during the winter when my lips are chapped and are craving a moisturizing formula. If you are ever in proximity to a mark catalogue, definitely check out these little magnetic treasures :)


    1. Yay! I'm glad it's become one of your favourites! I have other coral lipsticks, but I find that I'm just too pale for them to work on me. Glad you can get some use out of it!

      I'm more and more gravitating toward neutral shades. If you have any recommendations, let me know!

    2. Yeah, I've really been loving it! It's a regular in my rotation for sure :)

      As for neutral lipsticks, I think MAC Viva Glam V would like nice on you (reviewed earlier on the blog)... Revlon also makes some nice (and super affordable!) neutral shades... Let me know if you want any more specific recommendations :)


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