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Thursday 10 July 2014

Inglot Montreal Haul!

Hi, everyone! If you peeked at my latest "Life Recently" posts (here and here), you'll know that I spent the Canada Day weekend in the beautiful city of Montreal. The main focus of the trip was taking in the sites and spending time in the sunshine, but, inevitably, a bit of shopping happened. After embarking on a quick "makeup shopping Montreal" Google search, I was thrilled to discover that there was an Inglot shop in town! I had my first-ever Inglot experience in NYC earlier this year (check out my adventure here) and have had nothing but good things to say about their eye shadows and incredibly fun and handy Freedom System. So, I was understandably eager to delve in again!

Upon arriving at the Inglot store in the Place Montreal Trust, I was dazzled with a vast variety of polishes and shadows. Truly a stunning wall of colour! 

The Inglot Freedom System allows you to put together customizable palettes using their incredible selection of shades. The process is so ultra handy- when you decide on a shade you'd like to purchase, you remove it from the display and attach it to a magnetized board. I find this to be so incredibly fun and satisfying! 

Here are the five shades I decided on:

Along with these shadows, I picked up the corresponding 5-pan Freedom palette to house them. Plus, a mesmerizing nail polish, which was a total impulse buy! Here they are:

The palette is so sleek and functional, with a magnetized cover that slides off and snaps back on. So satisfying to use!

And here's a shot of the eye shadows, sans cover:

The shadows I selected were:

407- a shimmery golden tangerine
31- a shimmery gilded mauve brown
399- a frosty pinky purple with gold shimmer
357- a matte, warm chestnut brown with a subtle sheen
339- a matte periwinkle grey

I really tried to select shades that did not resemble any others in my stash (a tall order!) and I think I succeeded! Here are swatches of the shades on the inside of my arm (MAC NC15 skin tone):

Inglot 407, 31, 399, 357, 339

And as for the nail polish that wasn't part of my shopping plan but instantly stole my heart- the Dream Collection Nail Enamel #205 is a multi-faceted top coat with a golden base and multicoloured holographic flakes. Isn't it a beaut? So gorgeous in the sunlight! 

And here's an eye look that I created using all five of the shadows in my new Inglot palette. I applied 399 on the inner third of my lid, as well as lightly on the brow bone and inner corners as highlight. I popped some of 407 on the centre of the lid for a flash of orange, then blended some of 31 on the outer third of the lid, smudging up to the crease. I then applied some of 357 to the crease to add some definition and finished things off with a touch of 339 on the outer corner. I must say that the effect was quite ethereal and fairy-like, while still being very wearable. I loved it! 

So there you go! My Inglot Montreal experience was just as fun and enjoyable as my NYC romp and I am thrilled with all the products I picked up. Fewer things more satisfying than a custom Freedom palette! And I really find the price to be right- at $49 CAD for 5 shadows plus the case, I think that their palettes are an excellent value. Not a budget buy, to be sure, but given the quality I'd say it's a solid investment that doesn't hurt the wallet all too much. I'm sure this Inglot purchase will not be my last :)

Have you tried any products from Inglot? Are any of these shades up your alley?

Thanks for reading! xo


  1. Must head to my nearest Inglot, it looks fab x

  2. yea i totaly went swatch crazy when i went to the one in nyc
    A Beautiful Zen

  3. Aah so pretty! I've never been to an Inglot store, they look so awesome! I've hears so many good things about their eyeshadows, I definitely need to give them a go at some point. The flakie polish looks gorgeous too!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  4. Dying to get myself to an Inglot store, the quality of their powders looks incredible! Lovely choices!

    Sam xo


  5. Oh my goodness, that 339 shade!! Gorgeous!! I definitely want to try inglot out one day...I don't live near a store though, so I might order them online..though, that doesn't sound nearly as fun as going to the Inglot store!

  6. pretty you! a great haul!
    happy day!


  7. I love the eye shadow shades you picked, and that nail varnish is gorgeous!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  8. Great haul! Love the nailpolish!
    Have a lovely day, kisses
    Christine G ♥

  9. Those colors look beautiful. Very soft yet complex! :)

    1. Yes, that's what I was going for- wearable, but not at all boring!

  10. I absolutely love Inglot! they're foundation is like flawless :D

  11. Those are gorgeous colors! I've always wanted to create my own inglot palette, I've never tried any of their makeup before!

  12. That polish :o
    We actually used to have a Inglot at our local mall, but of course back then I wasn't even into makeup so I never even went in :(

  13. I've never heard of Inglot, but I am really tempted to try the brand out now!

  14. Nice post,dear!Really like it:)
    Keep in touch xx

  15. So much stunning colors!
    You look absolutely beautiful
    Love ya!

  16. The colors of the palette are so nice!
    Fabrizia – Cosa Mi Metto???

  17. Girlfriend those are AMAZING colour choices. I went in there so confused (the NYC one) I didn't know where to begin so I just went for some brow stuff and a lip liner. If there was an Inglot in Toronto, we'd live there for sure.

    1. Thanks, Julie! So excited that a store is opening up here soon! xo

  18. the swatch colors look so good!

  19. Whoaaa I love the eyeshadows you picked out and the look you did with them! It's amazing how you wear orange with ease! I can pull the color family off, but I don't do it often ;)

    1. Thanks, Sunny! The orange shade was so surprisingly wearable :)

  20. Pretty! Inglot is such an amazing store to visit x

  21. very nice blog! :)

  22. Love the look of your palette! I haven't tried anything from Inglot yet - but I'm sure I will soon!

  23. Thanks so much, Marlen! I was happy to see that the tangerine was quite wearable :)


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