Friday, 5 February 2016

Two New Boys in My Life: Tom Ford Stavros and Tony Lip Colours

Hi, everyone! If there's anything I love more than a Tom Ford lipstick, it's a Tom Ford lipstick with a cute, manly name, at a more affordable price, in a size I might actually use up one day. Quite the mouthful, but a strong case that the Tom Ford Lips and Boys collection is all kinds of perfect. The Lips and Boys range was born during the 2014 Holiday season and featured a wide range of luxurious shades, each named for a man who had been an inspiration to Mr. Ford throughout his life. The size of the lippies was smaller, which came with an appropriately lesser, more accessible price tag. Still luxe, but not quite as painful to the wallet. I missed the boat last year, but when Lips and Boys was re-born this Winter, I had to finally add a couple of these guys to my collection! 

The new range of Lips and Boys includes 25 of the original Boys from last year plus 25 brand new shades. Yes, that's a total of 50 to choose from! They promise a super creamy texture thanks to natural oils and butters as well as true, pure colour with a flattering, luminous finish. 

They're displayed at Holt Renfrew in a near-vertical board that lets you peruse the shade and name selections quite easily. Convenient and luxurious!

After a serious swatch-fest and a trial of a few shades (the Tom Ford sales associate was incredibly friendly and obliging), Holt Renfrew wrapped up my selections with their signature sticker and I was ready to go home and play with my new goodies! 

Just like Tom Ford's original Lip Colours, the Lips and Boys Lip Colours come packaged in a textured dark brown box with gold lettering. The lipstick tubes are also identical in appearance, with a rectangular shape, a weighty feel, gold detailing, and the TF logo crowning the top. 

Above is a comparison of the Lips and Boys Lip Colours versus a standard Tom Ford Lip Colour. The Lips and Boys are .07oz in weight (retailing for $39 CAD each), while the original Lip Colours are .10oz (retailing for $58 CAD each). If I'm doing the math correctly, the Lips and Boys are actually a slightly better value per ounce (70% of the product at 67% of the price, as least in Canadian dollars), which is a rare thing as minis go! 

Also like the original Lip Colours, the Lips and Boys lippies feature a TF logo impressed into the lipstick bullet. A final touch of luxury that almost makes you not want to use them! 

Though the Lips and Boys shade selection is both impressive and daunting, I went in with the rough game plan of selecting two shades: one more classic and glamorous, one more unique and unconventional. I think I achieved that! The shades I selected were:

Stavros- one of the original Boys, a nearly opaque grey-violet with a subtle silver sheen, and
Tony- one of the new Boys, a classic saturated cherry red with a luminous finish

Here are swatches of both on my inner arm (MAC NC15 skin tone): 

Tom Ford Lips and Boys Lip Colours in (L-R) Stavros and Tony

And here they are in the context of a completed look!

I'd been eyeing Stavros since its release last year because it was unlike any lipstick I've ever seen- a unique blend of grey and lavender that somehow screams chic instead of, well, zombie. It is not the most versatile of shades, but man is it stunning! And the luminous finish really does leave my lips looking smooth and full. My boyfriend hates this shade, as he does think it makes me look dead, but I conceptualize Stavros as the Man Repeller of lipsticks. Totally stylish and fierce, but the kind of shade you'd don to impress the gals, not to woo a mate. And I'm totally down with that. 

On the other hand, Tony is completely flirty and glamorous. It's one part old Hollywood, one part Snow White, and 100% gorgeous. The pigmentation is bold, without being overwhelming, and the subtle cool undertones would make this a flattering red on- dare I say- just about everyone. Like Stavros, the soft. luminous finish really leaves lips looking their best. 

The wear time of these lipsticks is about what you'd expect from a luminous-finish lipstick: 4-6 hours, with notable, but not complete deterioration after a meal. While the longevity may be average, the texture, feel, flattering finish, and exquisite, unique shade range of the Lips and Boys really make them standouts in my books. They simply make you feel glamorous and, with 50 shade choices, anyone can find an option that speaks to them. And as Tom Ford goes, they're a true bargain ;)

Were you tempted by the Lips and Boys collection? Do you own any Tom Ford Lip Colours? Favourites? Are Stavros or Tony shades that you'd reach for? Does the name Stavros remind anyone else of General Hospital?

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  1. I love both shades, but you are right about Stavros. My husband would not 'understand' that particular shade.

  2. Stavros isn't the kind of shade that 'd got for normally, but it's really quite pretty.

  3. I prefer Tony but only because I know I couldn't pull Stavros off! xx


  4. You can wear anything and make it look hot AF! That Stavros shade is "weird" for sure, but there's something about that shade that just WORKS.

    And Tony, of course, is just freaking gorgeous!

  5. Ohhh! Beautiful colours! Stavros is such an interesting colour but you did such a great job rocking it! Thanks for sharing the info about the size/price! That makes it so much more affordable!

    Stephanie |

  6. Love the mini TF lippies!! Soo cute! Tony is beautiful!!!

    xo Kat @ Katness

  7. What pretty colours! I don't think I could pull of the lilac shade but the hot pink is gorgeous!

    Jennifer Ashley

  8. You always pick up some brave shades :) I don't think I would be able to wear Stavros, but Tony! x

    Ela BellaWorld

  9. Such a great look I love it ;) Wanna follow for follow?

  10. I never would have picked up Stravos, but it looks amazing on you!
    Kathryn /Cherries in the Snow

  11. Tony is lovely shade. I'm not convinced I could pull off Stavros. I would definitely feel a bit Zombie lols.
    The Beauty Bloss

  12. How can you look so pretty in Stavros?! Wow it is such a unique shade and I would not have picked it, like ever, but you make it look so pretty!!!! :)




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