Saturday, 9 January 2016

2015 Favourites: The Lip Colours

Hi, everyone! It's the final makeup-based 2015 Favourites post of the series and I'm going out with a bang- it's lipstick time, people! I did a (hopefully exhaustive) mental count and it seems I've accrued almost 50 lip products over the past year. Whoops! As such, it was way difficult to decide on my most-loved among them. I tried my best (I promise!) and was able to narrow it down to my top 15 of 2015. Hope y'all don't mind a long list! 

The Vamps and Berries

MAC Matte Lipstick in Viva Glam I
This one is extra special because it was a gift from my boo on our anniversary last January. To boot, it's a gorgeous deep brown-toned berry that makes me feel bold and glamorous. You can see it featured, here

Ilia Lip Gloss in Gypsy
This was really a year of Ilia lip product for me- you'll see that 3 made this list! This lip gloss formula is so smooth and plump and comfortable and Gypsy is a unique, beautiful warm copper berry bronze. I've worn it tons! You can see it reviewed, here

Tom Ford Lip Colour in Plum Lush
This is my favourite of the Tom For Lip Colours in my stash simply because it is so freaking flattering! I've described it as a work-appropriate bright lipstick- it's bold and face-brightening, yet muted enough to still look sophisticated and professional. Plus, the pigmentation is killer! You can see a review of it here.

Kevyn Aucoin The Lip Gloss in Bloodroses
I usually don't get ultra excited about lip glosses, but I wore this one almost constantly all Summer. It's a sheer, but totally buildable warm, brownish berry that feels very smooth and plumping on the lips. Plus, I love the rectangle tube! You can see me wearing it, here

Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in Melted Berry
I'm a big fan of this ultra-pigmented, long-wearing, non-drying liquid lipstick formula and, in my opinion, Melted Berry is the prettiest shade of the bunch! It's a beautiful saturated reddish berry that always makes me look awake and put together. You can see me wearing it, here

The Neutrals

Ilia Tinted Lip Conditioner in These Days
I always struggle with finding nude shades that don't wash me out, but this one really works well with my colouring! It's a unique peachy nude with a golden sheen that has a bit of a retro feel without looking dated. You can see me wearing it, here

MAC Satin Lipstick in Brave
I really found myself reaching for nude tones more often in 2015 and MAC Brave was further evidence of this- it's a mid-tone fleshy pink-brown with a flattering, subtle sheen. So versatile and easy to wear! You can see me sporting it in my recent Adele impersonation, here.

NYX Butter Gloss in Tiramisu
Yet another nude? Whoa! The NYX Butter Glosses are my favourite lip gloss formula out there and Tiramisu, though a paler nude, is still rather flattering and healthy-looking with my complexion. Plus it smells yummy! You can see me wearing it here and here

ColourPop Lippie Stix in Brink
I was smitten with all of the ColourPop lip products I snagged this year, but it was Brink that I wore over and over and over again. It's a brownish caramel nude with subtle pinky-mauve undertones that make it incredibly wearable and flattering. You can see it swatched here and in the context of a completed makeup look, here

ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip in Bumble
While Mars and Succulent were the bold, beautiful stand-out Ultra Mattes I chose last year, it was Bumble that I reached for the most. It's a unique reddish-rosy-brick that wears all day and makes my lips look full. You can see it swatched here and on my lips here

The Brights

Ilia Lipstick Crayon in Karma Chameleon
I really think this was my most-worn lip colour of the year! It is an incredibly versatile coral pink that has been a staple in my office makeup nook- it makes me feel bright and cheery at work, yet is soft enough to still look profesh. You can see me wearing it here, here, and here

Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick in Gladiolus
I love when a drugstore lipstick brings it and this one certainly didn't disappoint. The Ultra HD Lipsticks are super pigmented, yet lightweight and Gladiolus is a stunning, bold warm red that makes me feel instantly glamorous. You can see me review it, here

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Walk of Shame
I got this beauty for Christmas and boy have I been wearing it lots since then. As a matte lipstick formula, this is really lovely- it feels so smooth and light on the lips, yet packs some serious pigmentation and still feels truly matte. Walk of Shame is a beautiful reddish berry with just a hint of fuchsia. You can see me wearing it, here

Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in Lilac Flush
Pale purple lipsticks seemed to be all the rage in 2015 and I think I've found the most fun, flattering of the lot! Lilac Flush is indeed a pastel purple, but has just enough pink in the mix to keep it looking fresh and pretty. It is so perfect for Spring and Summer! You can see me wearing it here and here

Bite Beauty Lip Lab Custom Lipstick (made by me!)
I'm finishing this list with an exciting pick- the Bite Beauty lipstick I created myself at the Lip Lab in NYC. I aimed for a rich, pigmented lip colour that was a bit coral, a bit fuchsia, and 100% vibrant. I'm so happy with how it turned out! You can see me wearing it here along with my review of my Lip Lab experience. 

Phew! This post is way long, so I'll wrap it up! What were your favourite and most-worn lip products of 2015?

Have an amazing weekend!



  1. I'm having some serious lippie envy!

  2. Love all those colors!

  3. I remember all your lippie swatch posts last year so I'm impressed on how you narrowed down your top picks!! I really want to try some CT products - so luxe!

    xo Kat @ Katness

    1. Thanks, Kat! You definitely need some CT lippies in your life :)

  4. I love NYX butter glosses! Lovely picks!

    xx, A Little Dose of Makeup

    1. The Butter Glosses are fantastic! Thanks :)

  5. Love all of your choices. I especially like your choices for Neutrals! I've definitely been starting to look more at those types of colours and Brave seems soooo pretty!

    1. Thanks! I rarely have reached for neutrals in the past, but I found some amazing ones last year :)

  6. amazing colors!

    Liebste Grüße ♥ Mai

  7. Definitely can't go wrong with a MAC lipstick!

    1. Absolutely! Thanks for stopping by, Beckie! xo

  8. Your neutral lip picks are just my sort of thing! Brink from Colourpop especially is just stunning :) xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. Brink really is a fabulous shade! I wore it tons this year :)

  9. Fantastic picks! I love how you often go for bright colors!

    1. Thanks, Melissa! I'm the ultimate sucker for a bright lip :)

  10. "the brights" are my fave too

  11. NYX Tiramisu and MAC Brave!! Oh those two are my favorites!! :) Love peachy neutrals, and so happy to see those on your list! :)



    1. Ooh, glad you love those shades too- they're fab! xo

  12. Those lipsticks look absolutely awesome. I love your blog and if you feel free, then check onto my blog

    1. Thanks! Will stop by your blog for sure :)


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