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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Currently Obsessed: NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Majella

Hi, all! Those of you who know me personally will know that the past few days have been extremely difficult for me. I pondered taking a break from blogging, but decided against it. This blog has been excellent therapy for me in the past, so I'm deciding to stick with it!

And I'm sticking with it in fun fashion, as I'm here to introduce my latest Current Obsession! If you saw my recent Wishlist Post, you'll know that I've had my eye on the brand-new, ultra lovely NARS Satin Lip Pencils. I own a couple of NARS' Velvet Matte Pencils (uber-matte, rich colours) and Velvet Gloss Pencils (sheer, juicy shades) and love them both. The Satin Lip Pencil formula is a bit different. Neither glossy nor matte, they offer bold shades and an easy to wear formula that leaves a slightly shiny, satin-like (duh!) finish.

The Satin Lip Pencil range offers 13 stunning shades that are unique, yet instantly flattering. Because my budget wouldn't permit me to leave Sephora with the entire collection, I had to pick just one. I ended up swooning the most over the incredible Majella. Described by NARS as "Garnet", Majella is a slightly warm, rich red with both berry and subtle brown undertones. It is deep, but not vampy, red, but not quite classic.

Here's a peek at the pencil itself:

NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Majella

And swatches! Here is Majella on its own, against my NC15-20 skin tone:

NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Majella (in natural light)

And here is Majella swatched beside NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella (left) and NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil in Baroque (right). While the colour comparison is interesting, I found that the photos best display the difference in texture.

As you can see, the Velvet Matte pencil is a true matte, with zero sheen, while the Velvet Gloss pencil is much sheerer and has a pronounced glossy finish. Majella's Satin finish lies somewhere in between. More of a glow than the matte formula, but more pigmented and decidedly less shiny than the gloss formula:

Comparison between NARS' Velvet Matte, Satin, and Velvet Gloss Pencil Formulas
Shades (L-R): Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella, Satin Lip Pencil in Majella, Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil in Baroque
(L-R): Cruella (Matte), Majella (Satin), Baroque (Gloss)

This is what Majella looks like on my lips. As with the swatches, you can see that the formula is pigmented and smooth with a slight sheen:

NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Majella

And in the context of an entire makeup look:

Obviously I'm totally smitten with this (wouldn't be featured in my "Currently Obsessed" series if I wasn't!), but here's a full breakdown of the benefits and drawbacks of this product:


  • Rich, pigmented colour- a little goes a long way!
  • Super easy application
  • Perfect compromise for those who don't want to commit to a full-on matte formula but still want something with impact
  • Incredibly long-wearing. Very few touch-ups required!
  • The satin formula makes lips look fuller without having to go full-on glossy
  • Amazing selection of unique, yet wearable shades!

  • At $30 this definitely isn't cheap, so it may not fit everyone's budget (though as I said, a little really does go a long way!)
  • After a couple hours, some of the satin finish is lost, making this look more like a matte formula
  • Even though this is long-wearing, it isn't smudge-proof (so watch out if you're kissing anyone! ;))
  • It can be ever-so-slightly drying on the lips by the end of the day, but nothing a touch of balm can't help!

And a few more shots for good measure!

So overall, I am totally pleased with this! The shade is like no other red lipstick in my collection (and that's saying a lot!) and the finish is so flattering on the lips and goof-proof to apply. The formula is not quite perfection (can be slightly drying and lean a bit too mate, given it's not a "matte" product), but the pros far outweigh the cons for sure! I've been wearing this constantly since I bought it a couple weeks ago.

Is this a shade you would wear? Have you tried any of the other NARS Satin Lip Pencils yet?

Thanks for reading! xo

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Swap Haul (Too Faced, MAC, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, and More!)

Happy weekend! Over the past couple of months I've participated in a few makeup swaps and in the process have accrued a hefty lot of beauty goodies! Thought I'd give them all a proper feature here before I started to incorporate them into my routine.

I've done quite a few makeup swaps via MakeupAlley, which I found has been a great, affordable way to try new products and purge my stash of items that just weren't working for me. Some of the products are new, others used. I've come to learn what my threshold is for acquiring used products (e.g., no used mascara, ever!) and how to sanitize products like lipsticks and brushes so that they're good as new. I know some people would take issue with swapping for used makeup, but I've had no real problems! And again, everyone has their own rules and limits.

So back to my haul! Here is a view of everything I received in the swaps. It's a mix of the main swap items I selected and some generous and exciting extras that the swappers included. Such a fun mix of brands and products!

Here are some closer-up views of the goodies:

(Left to right, top to bottom): The Body Shop Nature's Minerals Blotting Tissues, Wet N' Wild Mega-Last Lipstick in Don't Blink Pink, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Grandma, Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm in Vanilla Glow, NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil in Mexican Rose, Avon Glimmersticks Waterproof Eyeliner in Copper
(Left to right, Top to bottom): MAC Mineralize Blush Duo in Happy Together, Darling Girl Mineral Eye Shadow in Jack's Lantern, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Concealer in Y1, Pixi Fairy Light Solo Eye Shadow in Nude Nouveaux, Urban Decay Primer Potion mini in Original, Ulta Eye Shadow in Mystique, MAC Matte Lipstick in Russian Red, Wet N' Wild Idol Eyes Creme Eye Shadow Pencil in Pixie
(Left to right, Top to bottom): Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara mini in Black, Fresh Supernova Mascara mini in Black, Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy fragrance sample, Darling Girl Mineral Eye Shadow in Jack's Lantern, MAC Mineralize Blush Duo in Happy Together, Pixi Fairy Light Solo Eye Shadow in Nude Nouveaux, OCC Concealer in Y1
(Left to right, Top to bottom): Anastasia Hydrafull Gloss in Maggie May, Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara mini in Black, Real Techniques Shader Brush, Fresh Supernova Mascara mini in Black, The Body Shop Nature's Minerals Blotting Tissues, Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm in Vanilla Glow, MAC Mineralize Blush Duo in Happy Together

Here are all of the products that I actually swapped for (not including extras)- those that had been on my wishlist or just struck my fancy!

OCC Lip Tar in Grandma, Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm in Vanilla Glow, MAC Mineralize Blush Duo in Happy Together, MAC Matte Lipstick in Russian Red, Urban Decay Primer Potion Mini Original, OCC Concealer in Y1, NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil in Mexican Rose, Real Techniques Shader Brush

Here are closeups of each of the main products I swapped for and brief descriptions of each:

OCC Lip Tar in Grandma
MAC Matte Lipstick in Russian Red
NARS Velvet Gloss Pencil in Mexican Rose

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Grandma is a gorgeous vibrant coral shade that I expect to be wearing quite often this summer. Like all Lip Tars, the formula is incredibly pigmented and super long-wearing. And the shade name really appeals to me- has a fun, retro feel!

MAC Matte Lipstick in Russian Red is one of the most famous shades of MAC lipstick ever. A classic matte, rich, slightly blue-toned red. An instant bombshell shade that I can't wait to wear!

NARS Velvet Gloss Pencil in Mexican Rose is a lovely glossy cherry popsicle shade with subtle shimmer. It was released as part of NARS' Spring 2012 collection and has since been made permanent. Also expecting this to be in heavy rotation during the summertime!

OCC Concealer in Y1
Urban Decay Primer Potion Mini in Original formula
MAC Mineralize Blush Duo in Happy Together

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Concealer in Y1 is a heavily pigmented concealer in the brand's second lightest yellow-toned shade, which I think will be perfect for my skin tone. The packaging is beaten up, but there is a ton of product remaining. Have been really curious about this one and can't wait to give it a go!

Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original has been my holy grail eye shadow primer for years; so much so that I'm not even tempted to try another. Mini sizes are always super handy to have in my gym bag or at the boyfriend's house.

MAC Mineralize Blush Duo in Happy Together is a gorgeous pair of mineral blush shades. One is a warm peachy bronze, the other is an ultra-shimmery champagne. This wasn't on my wishlist, but I fell for it nonetheless. This will be my new go-to when I want a shimmery bronzer this summer.

Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm in Vanilla Glow
Real Techniques Shader Brush

Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm in Vanilla Glow is a BB Cream that had been on my wishlist for some time. I'm generally skeptical of North American "BB Creams", but I'd heard such great things about this one. I tried it once and the formula truly was beautiful. But the shade was decidedly dark. Hoping to buy a tube of the lighter shade, Snow Glow, and mix the two together!

Real Techniques Shader Brush is another new addition to my Real Techniques family. Sam, the brand's creator, says this brush is ideal for either detail work in the crease or for packing pigmented colour onto the lids. Like all brushes from the line, the bristles are hand-cut and super soft. Excited to have this in my collection; I have nothing else like it!

And here are all of the amazing extras that were included in the swaps:

(Top to bottom, Left to right): Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara mini in Black, Wet N' Wild Mega-Last Lipstick in Don't Blink Pink, Fresh Supernova Mascara in Black, Avon Glimmersticks Waterproof Eyeliner in Copper, Pixi Fairy Light Solo Eye Shadow in Nude Nouveaux, Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Perfume Sample, Ulta Eye Shadow in Mystique, The Body Shop  Nature's Minerals Blotting Tissues, Wet N' Wild Idol Eyes Creme Shadow Pencil in Pixie, Anastasia Hydrafull Gloss in Maggie May, Darling Girl Mineral Eye Shadow in Jack's Lantern

I won't provide details of each of the extras I received (this post has gotten quite long already!), but please let me know if you'd like details about any of them! But quickly, I can say that I've been using and loving the Fresh Supernova Mascara and can't wait to rock the uber-bright pink Wet N' Wild Don't Blink Pink Lipstick.

So that's it! Overall, I'm super happy with all of the diverse, colourful, handy products that I received in these swaps. Now that I've photographed and featured them here, I'll be delving into these products full-force!

Any of the items here favourites of yours? Any piquing your interest? Have you ever done a makeup swap?

Thanks for reading! :)

Friday, 26 April 2013

Nail of the Day: Julep Jennifer

Hi, everyone! Today's Nail of the Day features a shade that is a total departure from the speckled, glittery nail colours I have been sporting lately. Julep Nail Colour in Jennifer, is soft, sophisticated, and close to my heart for a couple of reasons: 

1) It was gifted to me by my sweet and thoughtful cousin Carly. She might be an even bigger fan of nail polish than I am, and she so kindly gave me a few products from Julep because she knew my inner makeup fiend would eat them up. Thanks, Carly! xo

2) This polish is named after me! Well, not me specifically, but definitely a shout-out to all us Jennifers out there! Jennifer was the #1 girls name in 1983 (yes, my birth year; yes, I'm old!), so my peer group has always been rich with name-twins. However, I haven't often seen my name featured in the beauty realm, so this was a fun treat :)

This polish also marked my first foray into the Julep range. I'd been eyeing the brand in Sephora for a while (they really have an amazing array of shades!), but this was the first time I gave one a go. Julep describes their nail colour as the "intersection of beauty and fashion" and touts toxin-free ingredient lists, shades named after inspiring women (who, me?!), and quick-drying, highly pigmented formulas. All of that sounds great to me!

Julep Nail Colour in Jennifer
Julep describes Jennifer as a "sheer soft pink creme" that embodies "classic with a twist." I have to say that the description is quite apt! I'd describe the shade as a sheer nude pink with a creamy, buildable formula and slight peachy undertones. I used 2 generous coats to create the finish seen here, but you could easily use 1 coat for a more sheer, understated look or 3 coats for more opacity.

It was last fall that I finally fell (see what I did there?) for nude polishes. My choice then was the beige-toned O.P.I. Don't Pretzel My Buttons, which became a quick favourite. I am very happy to now have Julep Jennifer in my collection as well; it's like the more pinky-toned sister of Pretzel, which gives me some more variety if I want my nails to go nude!

Here's some evidence of my name-sake :)

And the back of the bottle, which features directions and contact information:

Overall, I am thrilled with the formula of this polish. It applied smoothly and evenly (any flaws in the manicure were due to my lazy technique) and the lasting power was great! I didn't see any chipping until Day 4 and it remained in totally wearable condition (minimal chips) until Day 6. Plus, the shade made me feel so polished and feminine. I'd say it's a winner in my books!

Here are a few more shots of it under various lighting:

Julep Jennifer under cooler artificial light

Julep Jennifer under warmer artificial light

Julep Jennifer in direct sunlight

And there you have it! This has instantly become one of my new favourite nail colours for spring. It's so easy to wear and makes me feel a bit more sophisticated than I actually am ;) Plus, its shade name gets to feed my inner narcissist a bit. One more shout-out to all the Jennifers in the house! :)

And another huge thanks to my cousin Carly for giving me this beautiful gift! xo

What are your thoughts on this shade? What are some of your favourite pinky-nude polishes? Do you have any makeup items in your kit that share your name?

Thanks for reading! xo

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Sneak Preview of Chanel's Summer 2013 Makeup Collection!

Hi, everyone! On Monday I was perusing the makeup department at The Bay on Queen St. here in Toronto when I stopped by to have a chat with the lovely sales associates at the Chanel counter. I was looking at some of the new lipstick shades for spring, when one of the ladies mentioned that the new Summer 2013 collection would be coming out next month. I told her how excited I was to check it out and she calmly asked "Would you like to see it?" As if that wasn't the most exciting question ever! I of course said yes, so she led me behind the displays where she emptied the contents of a sleek Chanel bag onto the counter.

And there it was, the L'Ete Papillon de Chanel collection, right before my eyes! I was instantly struck by the rich, vibrant, cheery shades. So incredibly chic and so perfectly summer! There were hues for lashes, lips, and nails that made me want to run off with the entire lot! Luckily self control prevailed, and I sheepishly asked "I'm a beauty blogger- could I photograph these or are they super top secret?" The sales woman laughed and assured me I wasn't breaking any uber-confidential Chanel beauty laws (though I still felt like a beauty spy!); she even helped me to arrange the goodies to camera-ready status.

Chanel Summer 2013 l'Ete Papillon de Chanel Collection
Front Row (L-R): Imitable Mascara in Aqua Blue, Zest, Limelight, and Blue Note, Stylo Yeux Waterproof Eye Pencil in True Blue

This isn't the entire collection, but I definitely got to see the highlights. Here's a breakdown of what I saw:

Imitable Mascara- Not for the colour-shy!
In the very front of the photo above are some incredibly colourful mascaras (we all know I've had a hankering for those lately!) from the ever-popular Imitable Mascara line. The summer collection offers 4 new shades ((L-R in my photo): Aqua Blue, Zest, Limelight, and Blue Note) for those who want to coat their lashes with vibrant colour from sunny yellow to beachy aqua. The sales associate said you could either apply them to the tips of the lashes only, or paint your bottom lashes with colour, while leaving the top lashes a classic black.

Stylo Yeux Waterproof Eye Pencil- Long-wearing aqua colour!
In my most recent Look of the Day, I featured the lovely Bleu Exquis from the Stylo Yeux Waterproof line. For summer, Chanel is offering a lighter, brighter shade of the liner- True Blue, a shimmery turquoise blue. It's pictured in the front, right corner of the photo above.

l'Ete Papillon de Chanel Summer 2013 Collection
Back Row (L-R): Levres Scintillantes in Eden, Zephyr, and Envolee
Front Row (L-R): Rouge Coco Shine in Pygmalion, Le Vernis Nail Colour in Bel Argus, Azure, and Lilis, Rouge Coco Shine in Idylle 

Rouge Coco Shines- Fruity Pops of colour!
The collection features 2 new shades from the Rouge Coco Shine line, which offers sheer, shimmery colour that's super comfortable on the lips. The shades are Pygmalion (a warm, punchy raspberry shade; on the left in the photo above) and Idylle (a light, peachy coral; on the right in the photo above). I see both as being incredibly wearable and versatile for summer!

Levres Scintillantes (Glossimers)- Shiny, summery lips!
Chanel Glossimers (aka, Levres Scintillantes) have been uber-popular for years due to their pigmented, non-sticky formula and shimmery,wearable shades. For summer, Chanel is offering 3 new gloss colours: Eden (a berry-toned bright pink), Zephyr (a shimmery peachy beige), and Envolee (a warm coral). I don't often lust after glosses, but these are now on my lust list!

Le Vernis Nail Colour- Under the sea-inspired hues!
Chanel's nail colours are notoriously trend-setting and I see the summer offerings as no exception! The collection features 3 new shades, all reminiscent of the stunning sites you'd witness on a snorkeling adventure. There's Bel Argus (a metallic, bold ocean blue), Azure (a metallic turquoise with gold duochrome), and Lilis (a warm orange-coral). I can definitely see these being the hit of the collection!

Not pictured in my photos are the new and exciting Stylo Eye Shadow Sticks, which are essentially cream eye shadows in crayon form. The sales associate showed me one of the shades, Blue Bay, which is a lovely sky blue with aqua and gold shimmer. There will be 6 shades of these in total- can't wait to see the rest!

Overall, I feel so lucky to have gotten a peek at this collection. Thanks to the lovely ladies at the Bay Chanel counter for making this possible! This is honestly one of the most beautiful makeup collections I have ever seen. I am implementing a makeup no-buy until this collection is released so that I can treat myself to a few goodies when they become available. I scheduled myself for a l'Ete Papillon de Chanel makeup event on May 15th, so look out for an official review of the collection shortly after.

The l'Ete Papillon de Chanel collection will be available at The Bay mid-May. Does this collection get you as excited as I am? What goodies are standing out to you here?

Thanks for reading! xo

Monday, 22 April 2013

Look of the Day: Bleu Nude

Happy Monday, everyone! For this Look of the Day, I wanted to do something a bit different, something outside my comfort zone. It's no secret that I'm super crazy about bright colour and that I actually feel the most at ease with vibrant hues on my face. But this time around, I wanted to keep it simpler. To go nude. Facially, at least ;)

So this look is definitely quite neutral, especially for my standards. Though I couldn't help but punctuate the nude tones with a single colourful splash. I decided to do this with the help of Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long Lasting Eyeliner in Bleu Exquis. One of the treats I picked up at my recent Chanel Makeover at the Bay, Bleu Exquis is a lovely blue liner that falls somewhere between electric and navy. Deep enough to provide definition, but vibrant enough to make a statement. It paired perfectly with nude cheeks (thanks to Laura Mercier Crushed Hazelnut and NARS Sex Appeal) and  my favourite nude lipstick ever, the sheer and ultra-wearable Hard Candy Perfect 10.

If you've been following my blog over the past month or so, you'll know that I've been pretty obsessed with blue eye makeup of late. I thought this look might be perfect for someone who wanted to wear blue tones on the eyes without going full-on Cleopatra. I hope you like it!

Here's a closeup of what Bleu Exquis looks like on my eye. As you can see, it's quite pigmented with a bit of a sheen. It has ever-so-slight violet undertones and it applies quite smoothly both on the upper eyelid and the waterline. I found the wear-time to be excellent, so I think this will be a perfect companion for the humid summery months!

Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long Lasting Eyeliner in Bleu Exquis

Here's another shot of the look, followed by a full breakdown of the products I used:

The Breakdown:

Foundation: Revlon ColourStay Liquid Foundation (Combination/Oily Formula) in Buff
Concealer: BeneFit Fake-Up in Light (under eyes) and Hard Candy Glamouflage in Light (on blemishes)
Powder: Wet N' Wild Cover All Pressed Powder in Fair/Light
Bronzer: Laura Mercier Powder Blush in Crushed Hazelnut (to contour)
Blush: NARS Powder Blush in Sex Appeal (along cheek bones) and MAC Bite of an Apple (very lightly on apples of cheeks)
Highlighter: Laura Mercier Powder Eye Shadow in Sandstone (on cheekbones and down bridge of nose)

Brows: Anastasia Brow Powder Duo in Ash Blonde (now known as Taupe)
Primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original
Eye Shadow: Laura Mercier Sandstone all over lid, brow bone, and inner corners and MAC Mulch (very lightly) in crease
Eyeliner: Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long Lasting Eyeliner in Bleu Exquis
Mascara: Boots Maximum Volume Mascara (Waterproof) in Black

Lipstick: Hard Candy Painted Lady Lip Colour in Perfect 10

And a few more photos:

And that's it! Overall, it felt quite liberating to go nude, and Blue Exquis was the perfect touch to keep me from feeling completely naked! Will definitely be sporting this look often during the summertime!

Is this a look that you would wear? What are your thoughts on blue eyeliner? What products do you use when you want to 'go nude'?

Thanks for reading! xo

Friday, 19 April 2013

Currently Obsessed: Lush Sea Spray

Happy Friday, everyone! So today I'm presenting the first-ever in the "Currently Obsessed" series. They'll be quite similar to my usual product reviews, but will spotlight the products that are currently the best of the best in my books. Products that are totally blowing me away, that I just want to gush about effusively. The ones that I want to stop strangers on the street to tell about. You get the picture.

The product that gets the inaugural feature is the incredible Lush Sea Spray Hair Mist. I was wandering around Lush last month taking a peek at some of the new goodies they were offering for spring. When I spotted the Sea Spray I was definitely curious. Because my hair is naturally wavy, I'm always on the lookout for products that will give my waves a bit more body, definition, and to be scientific, some ooomph :) Also, given that the warmer weather is (finally!) rolling in, beachy type products are more on my radar this time of year.

I was quickly greeted by an uber-friendly sales girl who enthusiastically sang the praises of this product. She basically re-iterated what is written on the bottle: it's a sea water-based hair mist that adds light hold, texture, and shine to the hair while smelling of a sweet, citrus neroli perfume.

The bottle also features handy tips on how to use the product (pretty self-explanatory), more details about the formula (it contains a light gel to give hair some hold and volume), and highlights the eco- and animal-friendly virtues of the product.

And, hey- it was made by this guy! Love that Lush features its employees on the bottle along with the best before dates :)

Lush is also quite transparent about their ingredients, so here's a list for anyone else who's interested!

So onto my experience with the product. The sales girl encouraged me to test out the product in-store, so I gave it a go. The first thing I noticed was the heavenly scent! Fresh, floral, fruity, and so lovely! I also noticed that it gave my hair instant texture and body, just as it claimed! My decision to buy this was pretty quick, especially because it cost only $12.99 CAD, which I thought was a fair price, given the amount of product you get and given the steep prices of other popular salt sprays on the market. Plus, I snagged the last one in the store, so I thought it was fate!

Here are some "before and after" shots, followed by a breakdown of my impressions:


My hair before Lush Salt Spray. Not looking too bad, natural waves happening, but lying a bit flat.


My hair after Lush Sea Spray. As you can see, it's definitely added some texture and body to my hair.

And a few more "After" shots. I find that the Sea Spray has the unique ability to make my hair look both messy and sleek at the same time. It evokes shine while also adding texture and gives my waves new life while holding them in place. Plus it makes my hair smell amazing! 

To use, I just add a few sprays to the outer surface of my hair and a few in the underneath portions and scrunch, muss, and go!


  • Adds shine, texture, and mega-volume to the hair, just as promised!
  • Handy, compact, non-breakable, recyclable packaging
  • The neroli scent is incredible- perfect for anyone who likes floral-citrus fragrances. I literally get compliments on the scent every time I wear it!
  • At $12.99, the price point is quite accessible
  • Cruelty-free, which is always a huge bonus in my books!
  • Easy application; can conveniently be used on damp hair or dry (I prefer dry)
  • I'm not sure how this would work on shorter hair lengths, so I can't attest to that
  • The fragrance is rather strong and lingering, so if you don't like the scent, you may find it obnoxious
  • This does have the tendency to make the hair look greasy if too much is applied. However, when this happens I simply run my fingers through and tousle the hair a bit, which I find remedies the greasy effect quite quickly!

So that's it! As you can tell, I'm rather excited about this product. Will definitely be a regular in my routine this spring and summer. So happy to have discovered it!

Have any of you tried Lush Sea Spray? What are your thoughts? Any other Lush products getting you excited lately? What are your 'Current Obsessions'?

Thanks for reading! xo