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Monday, 12 December 2011

30 Days of Lipstick: Wrap Up!

Well, my 30 Days of Lipstick challenge is officially over! From the fact that it's already mid-December, you can see that I wasn't quite as diligent about this as I could have been, but this was still a super fun and informative task to take on! Throughout November, I had the chance to wear 30 different lipsticks and review 24 of them for you here. It made me really appreciate my collection, and gave me a better sense of what shades I have lots of (no more corals or hot pinks for me!), and where there may still be gaps in my stash.

I hope you all enjoyed reading the reviews as much as I did writing (and wearing!) them. To sum up, here are pictures of the 24 lipsticks I featured:

Christian Dior Red Muse

MAC Viva Glam V

MAC Crosswires

MAC Rebel

Boots No 7 Paradise

NARS Dolce Vita

YSL (L) Tender Peach and (R) Rose Culte

MAC Up the Amp

Clio Luminous Coral

Guerlain Coq D'Or

MAC Impassioned

Anna Sui Lip Rouge V

MAC Chatterbox
Hard Candy Perfect 10

Besame Carmine

NARS Cruella

mark Coral Fixation

Revlon Rosy Nude

MAC Viva Glam VI

MAC Lickable

Paul & Joe CS N #201

MAC Ladybug

Chanel Zanzibar

Phew! All those pictures remind me of the hard work and fun wrapped into November! It was my most prolific month yet- at least in terms of blogging :) I'd love to hear your feedback on the 30 Days of Lipstick project... would you like similar challenges in months to come? Any favourites out of the lipsticks I featured? Did you treat yourself to any new lipsticks last month?

As always, thanks so much for reading! :)

30 Days of Lipstick, Day 30: Chanel Aqualumiere Lipstick in Zanzibar

For Day 30, the final day of this lipstick challenge, I chose a pretty lipstick from Chanel because using Chanel products is a fail safe way to make me feel glamorous and because I'd just gotten this lipstick in a swap and I was eager to try it out! The lipstick I wore was Chanel Aqualumiere Lipstick in Zanzibar. Although Aqualumieres are now discontinued, their formula is quite similar to Chanel's new Rouge Coco Shine Lipsticks ($39 CAD, at The Bay and Holt Renfrew), so check those out if you like what you see here!

Here is a picture of the Aqualumiere packaging:
Chanel Aqualumiere Lipstick

And here is a picture of Zanzibar in the tube:

Chanel Aqualumiere Lipstick in Zanzibar

And a swatch of it on my arm (on the right):

Chanel Aqualumiere in Zanzibar (right) swatched on my arm (MAC NC15 skin tone)

As you can see, Zanzibar is a warm, corally-gold cinnamon shade (tough to describe, but that was my best shot!), that has sheer-to-moderate colour coverage and offers a reflective finish. It is darker than a traditional nude shade, but is also not too deep a brown, so it does not wash me out. As the name suggests, Aqualumieres were designed to offer a moisture-rich, luminous formula, and Zanzibar is no exception!

Here are a few pictures of me wearing it:

Me wearing Chanel Aqualumiere in Zanzibar

In sunlight (bad hair day! :P )

Under artificial light

With flash

The Verdict

  • Moisturizing formula, which is great for winter!
  • A lovely warm shade that isn't too nude or too brown
  • High on the luxury factor- can't help but feeling posh when using Chanel ;)

  • Since this line is now discontinued, you'll have to find something similar if you like what you see here. As a recommendation, try Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick in Biarritz or Liberte.
  • This shade may be too warm for those with very cool, pink-toned skin
  • Chanel products are always pricey, but are worth the splurge on occasion!

I've always had a soft spot for Chanel lipsticks, and Zanzibar certainly didn't disappoint. I can see it being a regular in my rotation, especially during the spring and summer. It's a perfect shade to bring a touch of bronzy coral to your face! :)

Saturday, 10 December 2011

30 Days of Lipstick, Day 29: MAC Lustre Lipstick in Ladybug

For Day 29, I chose one of my all-time favourite lipsticks from MAC: the flirty, sophisticated, retro Ladybug ($17.50 CAD at MAC stores and counters). With its Lustre finish, it offers sheer, shiny colour with a slick, comfortable finish. The shade itself it a wonderful warm-toned red that has a modern feel but also harks back to the screen sirens of the 1940s (seems to be a recurrent theme for me, eh? :). Its tomato-red tone makes it similar to both NARS Heat Wave and Besame Carmine lipsticks (which I have reviewed in the past, here:;, but its sheer, nearly glossy finish makes it feel more current than its matte red companions.

Here is a picture of Ladybug in the tube. As you can see, it's received a lot of love from me over the past couple of years, so is a little worse for wear. Hopefully you can still get a good sense of  the shade, though!
MAC Lustre Lipstick in Ladybug

And here is a picture of it swatched on my arm (in the middle):

MAC Ladybug (middle) swatched on my arm (MAC NC15 skin tone)

And finally, a few pictures of me wearing it!

Me wearing MAC Lustre Lipstick in Ladybug

With flash

Under artificial light

The Verdict:

  • Because this is a sheer, non-matte formula, it is perfect for those who want to try out a red lipstick  (maybe fore the first time- exciting!), but are afraid of shades that are too opaque, matte, or overpowering
  • This is a wonderful shade of red for those with warm undertones, since it is orange-based
  • Excellent quality for the price!
  • Gives a retro feel with a modern twist!

  • This may not be as flattering on those with very cool, pink-toned skin
  • Despite the shiny finish, MAC's Lustre formulas can be somewhat drying on the lips

Ladybug has truly been one of the most loved and raved-about lipsticks in my collection- I'm surprised this is the first time I've written about it! It's my go-to when I'm looking for a low-maintenance red shade that livens up my face, or when I want to feel glamorous without having to opt for a super deep or opaque shade. I'm sure it will make frequent appearances over the holidays!

Thanks for reading :)

30 Days of Lipstick, Day 28: Paul & Joe Lipstick CS N in #201 Amise Bouche

On Day 28 my lipstick of choice was one from a brand with beautiful, sophisticated packaging and a pretty, floral shade to match- Paul & Joe Lipstick CS N in #201 Amise Bouche. Paul & Joe is a French line of cosmetics launched in 2002 by the head designer behind the flirty and feminine Paul & Joe fashion line. Their cosmetics are a bit difficult to find in Canadian stores, but they you can check them out at and, and of course at

Each season, the design and pattern of their limited edition lipstick tubes mirror the fabrics recently featured in the Paul & Joe runway shows. A neat and chic idea! Here's what mine looks like:

Paul & Joe Lipstick CS N- Beautiful packaging!

And here's what Lipstick CS N #201 looks like in the tube:

Paul & Joe Lipstick CS N #201

And here is a picture of it swatched on my arm (on the left):

(L) Paul & Joe #201, (M) Mac Ladybug, and (R) Chanel Zanzibar 

As you can see, #201 is a mid- to deep-toned berry grape shade. It has a moisturizing, slightly shiny finish and sheer to moderate colour coverage. Paul & Joe claims that their CS N lipsticks offer "brilliant colour", a "sheer... creamy texture", a "long lasting" and "comfortable" formula, and the power to make "your lips more glamorous". Phew! A long list of claims, but a fairly accurate one! I've never asked my lips just how glamorous this lipstick makes them feel, but I feel pretty alluring when I have it on :)

Here are a few pictures of me wearing it:

Me wearing Paul & Joe Lipstick CS N #201 Amise Bouche

Under artificial light (dorky face :)

With flash

The Verdict:

  • A purple-toned shade that doesn't wash out my fair, neutral-warm skin tone!
  • Unique and feminine packaging
  • Does not dry out my lips (which is a must for winter!)
  • Sheer formula, so the colour isn't too overpowering

  • This lipstick is difficult to find in stores, so may be hard to track down (especially if you do not prefer online shopping; I got mine in a makeup swap)
  • This shade might be slightly too purple-toned for those with very fair or very warm/golden-toned skin

Overall, this lipstick is a great choice if you're looking for a grape-toned hue that isn't too matte or opaque. Plus the sheer, moist formula is fantastic for winter- and the packaging is fun to show off! If you're a sucker for cosmetics that are beautiful to look at (in addition to being functional), check out Paul & Joe Cosmetics!

Sunday, 4 December 2011

30 Days of Lipstick, Day 27: MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Lickable

After a couple days of subdued, neutral shades, I thought Day 27 was time for the return of a bright lipstick! I opted for MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Lickable, which has a cheeky name and an equally flirty colour. I've had Lickable for quite a while, and it's always been my go-to fuchsia lip colour when I want to brighten my face and feel a bit cheeky myself :)

Here's a picture of it in the tube:

MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Lickable

And here is a picture of it swatched on my arm, compared with a couple other bright pink lipsticks in my collection. It's in the middle:

MAC Lickable (centre) as compared with MAC Impassioned (left) and NARS Schiap (right)

As you can see, Lickable is a slightly blue-based fuchsia with a satiny, creamy finish. It is definitely more cool-toned than MAC Impassioned and is less matte and slightly less violet-toned than NARS Schiap.

Here are a few pictures of me wearing it:

Me wearing MAC Lickable Lipstick

In sunlight

With flash

The Verdict:

  • A perky fuchsia shade that instantly brightens up my face!
  • This should be suitable for both light and dark skin tones
  • Creamy finish that does not dry out the lips
  • The quality of MAC lipsticks can't be beat for the price!

  • This may be too vibrant for those who prefer more neutral lipsticks (though, as I've said before, I encourage you to try this out, as you may surprise yourself!)
  • Because this is cool-toned, it might not be as flattering for those with very warm, golden undertones to their skin

Overall, Lickable has been one of the most frequently-used lipsticks in my collection over the past couple years. Whenever it's rainy or I feel tired, sick, or otherwise cranky and lethargic, wearing Lickable does wonders to push the gloom away! If you're on the market for a wearable fuchsia lipstick, or are in need of an instant mood-booster, check this one out! :)

Friday, 2 December 2011

30 Days of Lipstick, Day 26: MAC Lustre Lipstick in Viva Glam VI

On Day 26 my neutral mood continued (my hankering for neutral lipsticks, that it!), so I selected MAC's Lustre Liptick in Viva Glam VI ($17.50 CAD at MAC stores and counters). As with all of MAC's Viva Glam products (including Viva Glam V Lipstick, which I reviewed here: ), 100% of the proceeds of this lipstick go to the MAC AIDS Fund. A great blending of charity and glamour! :)

Viva Glam VI is a warm pinky-browny-plummy shade (a bit tough to describe), with sheer to moderate colour pigmentation and a shiny finish (typical of MAC's Lustre formulas). Here's a picture of it in the tube:

MAC Lustre Lipstick in Viva Glam VI

I hadn't worn this shade in some time, so when I sported it I realized how similar it is to Revlon's Rosy Nude, which I'd worn the previous day. They are definitely both warm neutral shades, but I find Viva Glam VI to have stronger plum undertones  and is slightly darker. Check them out swatched side-by-side below!

On top/right: MAC Viva Glam VI Lipstick, as compared with (bottom/left) Revlon ColourBurst Lipstick in Rosy Nude

And here are a few pictures of me wearing Viva Glam VI:

Me wearing MAC Viva Glam VI Lipstick

In sunlight

The Verdict:

  • Lovely plummy neutral shade for fall and winter!
  • Doesn't feel dry or heavy on the lips, and leaves a nice shiny finish
  • Great quality for the price!
  • Proceeds go to a great cause!

  • Unlike the other neutral shades I've reviewed, this one might be too deep and/or purple-toned for those who like more subtle shades
  • Because this formula is more sheer, you do have to re-apply fairly often

Viva Glam VI is a unique shade that, for some reason, has not gotten a lot of attention from me in the past months. I'm really happy that I gave it a chance for this entry though, because it is an ideal shade for the colder months! It adds warmth to the face without washing me out, and it's subtle enough to wear to work or other professional settings. If you like lipsticks of this shade and you'd feel good about donating to the MAC AIDS Fund, then check this one out!