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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Look of the Day: Winter Flower/Sugar Pop

Hi, everyone! Last Sunday afternoon I was home sick for the millionth day in a row and decided that I needed to kick my cold not with drugs and tea (although those also helped greatly), but with a serious dose of colour. I mean, it's difficult to not feel better when you look in the mirror and see a whole lot of vibrancy staring back! To create this therapeutic and colourful look, I turned to two sources- the Too Faced Sugar Pop Eye Shadow Palette (which had been sadly unused since I snagged it at IMATS last year) and two cheery fuchsia goodies from Flower Beauty that were thoughtful gifts from my Canadian Beauty Blogger Secret Santa Kelly from Glitter Diaries. Together they worked wonders to boost my spirits, energy, and my glam factor!

The eyes were all about the Too Faced Sugar Pop palette, which I was thrilled to finally be testing out! It got mixed reviews, but I had lots of fun with it. There was a fair amount of fallout from the shadows, otherwise, it was a total pleasure! I started by applying Macaron, a vivid coral, to the inner third of my lid, then blending Bubble Gum, a hot pink, on the centre of my lid. For definition, I applied Sugared Violet, a deep purple-blue, on the outer third of my lid and blended Malted Milk Ball, a warm, mid-to-deep brown, in the crease. For a pop of colour underneath the eyes, I ran Blue Raspberry, a saturated pastel turquoise, along the lower lash line, then lined the bottom lashes with Blackberry, a matte purple-taupe. For touches of highlight, I applied Strawberry Ice above the inner corners of my eyes and mixed Peach Fuzz and Sweet & Spicy on my brow bones and the tear ducts. Yes, I used all 9 shades in the palette and it didn't look too chaotic. Win! I thought I'd choose an equally colourful, yet still defining eyeliner. so I reached for my much-loved Chanel Stylo Yeux Long Lasting Eyeliner in Bleu Exquis

For the cheeks, I used Flower Beauty's Kiss Me Twice Lip & Cheek Chubby in Can't Re-Fuchsia. Love the pun and love the texture of these multi-use products. This shade added a lovely vibrant flush that could be sheered down to wearable levels quite easily. I opted for a dewier base, courtesy of Clinique Even Better Makeup and added extra glow to the high points of my face with Becca's Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal (beautiful stuff!). Finally, I painted my lips with Flower Beauty's Kiss Stick Velvet Lip Colour in Rosey Garden, a beautiful saturated fuchsia pink. Fuchsias are my favourite lip colour to wear and this one didn't disappoint! 

Here's a peek at the key products I used, followed by a couple more shots of the look and a full breakdown of the makeup used!

The Breakdown:

Foundation: Clinique Even Better Makeup in Alabaster
Concealer: Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Flawless Wear Concealer in Light

Powder: Rimmel Stay Matte Long-Wearing Pressed Powder in 011 Creamy Natural (on t-zone) and Alima Pure Satin Finishing Powder in Keiko (lightly all over)

Blush: Flower Beauty Kiss Me Twice Lip & Cheek Chubby in Can't Re-Fuchsia
Highlighter: Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal

Brows: Anastasia Brow Powder Duo in Taupe and Tinted Brow Gel in Caramel

Primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion Original
Eye Shadow: (all from the Too Faced Sugar Pop Eye Shadow Palette): Macaron (on inner third of the lid), Bubblegum (on centre of the lid), Sugared Violet (on outer third of the lid), Malted Milk Ball (blended in the crease), Blue Raspberry (along lower lash line), Blackberry (as liner along lower lash line), Strawberry Ice (below the inner portions of the brows), Sweet & Spicy and Peach Fuzz (mixed together as a highlight on the brow bone and inner corners of the eye). 

Eyeliner: Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long Lasting Eyeliner in Bleu Exquis
Mascara: The HotShop Long Lash Mascara (from the Born Pretty Store)

Lipstick: Flower Beauty Kiss Stick Velvet Lip Colour in Rosey Garden


And a few more shots of the look:

I'm so happy that I decided to create this makeup look! Even though I didn't leave the house that day, playing with colour and channeling some creativity were a fantastic distractions from being sick. Plus, I got to test out some beautiful new products, so it was a win-win! 

Do you play with makeup when you're under the weather? What are your favourite products from Too Faced or Flower Beauty?

Don't for get to check out my Schaf Skin Care Giveaway for your chance to win an all-natural face scrub made of lava! Seriously!

Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic weekend! xo


Thursday, 28 January 2016

Feeling like a Princess with Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

Hi, everyone! When it comes to makeup and skin care, you can call me a true fanatic. Competent and confident, even. But when it comes to hair, I'm totally low maintenance. My hair is naturally wavy and you'll typically find it up in a bun or down in loose messy waves. I'll add a bit of dry shampoo and a touch of styling creme, and I'm good to go. So when the prospect of testing hair extensions first came my way, I was initially hesitant. "Hair isn't my thing", I thought, "would I even use them? would I even know how?" But then I thought back to my many years of having incredibly long hair. The majority of my life! While I'm loving my slightly shorter hair now, there are definitely times when I wish I could reclaim my long princess locks, just for a day. With that perspective, I was super excited to test out extensions from Irresistible Me

I selected the Silky Touch Extensions** in Silky Golden Blonde at an 18" length and a 200g weight. The Silky Touch range is hailed as their most popular line and touts 100% high quality Remy human hair an affordable price. It can be washed, styled, cut, and coloured just like regular hair and promises to add natural-looking length and volume. Silky Golden Blonde is what I'd describe a slightly warm/golden mid-tone blonde with both yellow and ashy strands mixed throughout. The 200g weight is the heaviest they offer (thus providing the most thickness and volume) and I thought the 18" length would be enough to add significantly to my mid-length hair while still looking natural.

The extensions came packaged in a sealed pouch with two compartments. In a smart and handy move, a sample weft is included in a separate compartment. This allows you to test the colour and length of the extensions and, if they don't work, you're able to exchange the extensions as long as the main compartment is still sealed. A great way to try things out before fully committing! 

The extensions come packaged securely in a hairnet-type bag (makes sense, given it's hair!). They were also fastened with an elastic to ensure the hair remained smooth and neat. 

The 200g extensions include 10 wefts (separate pieces of hair): one extra sturdy 4-clip weft (the widest and heaviest piece designed to be applied first at the base of the head), two 3-clip wefts, five 2-clip wefts, and two 1-clip wefts. The clips on each piece are comb-like and snap-based. To insert, you open the snaps, comb them down in the hair, then snap them closed to secure. 

Here is a shot of the largest 4-clip weft in the set: 

And here are some shots that show how they looked on me! 

Here is a "Before" shot:

And an "After"! The first time I wore the extensions, I used all 10 pieces and did not style them. There was a slight wave to them, so they blended in fairly well with my natural wavy hair! As you can see, the colour match was perfect and they really did add length and volume. 

And a "Before" and "After" from the back:



The only problem with the extensions' appearance the first time around is that, with the 18" length, a few of the pieces looked unnaturally long, thin, and sparse with my mid-length hair. Friends suggested that I curl my hair to remedy this issue, so that's what I did! 

Here I am wearing the extensions the second time around, this time curling my hair for added style and to further blend my natural hair with the extensions: 

I can definitely say that the extensions were easier to apply the second time around (there's a bit of a learning curve, but again- I'm no hair expert!). Further, curling the extensions really did work to make the extensions look more natural, even- and glamorous! I really felt like a mermaid or a princess. Nothing wrong with that! 

To sum up, here's a breakdown of the pros and cons of my experience with the Irresistible Me Silky Touch Hair Extensions**:

  • Silky Golden Blonde is a perfect match for my hair colour! While it's lighter and warmer than my roots, it blends into the mid-lengths and ends of my hair amazingly well. It has both warm and cool highlights throughout, so I think it would suit so many mid-tone blondes.
  • For a hair styling novice, I found these quite easy to insert into my hair. A bit of a learning curve, but do-able!
  • Once these are clipped in, they really stay put! Looking at the clips, I was worried about their effectiveness, but wow- they really feel secure once snapped in.
  • The extensions blend into my own hair quite well and look very natural.
  • The texture of the hair feels smooth and natural- it is really hair after all! 
  • The extensions styled quite well! Without any hairspray or other styling products, they took and held a curl wonderfully.
  • These can feel a bit heavy on my head. I'm sure with repeated or extended use I'd acclimate to this, but their presence in my hair was definitely noticeable
  • The Silky Touch extensions are designed to get thinner at the ends like real hair, but for those with thicker hair like mine, the longer ends can look a bit sparse

Overall, I am so pleasantly surprised with these extensions! They were easier to use than expected and the colour match is perfect. Whenever I'm in the mood to re-live my longer-haired days (or channel my inner princess or mermaid), I will not hesitate to reach for these! 
If I've tempted you, you can check out Irresistible Me's website, here! 

Have you ever tried hair extensions? What do you do to channel your inner princess?

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**Starred products were sent to me as PR samples for consideration and review. All expressed opinions are 100% authentic and my own! 

Monday, 25 January 2016

Spotlight on Schaf Skin Care (+ Giveaway!)

Hi, everyone! Y'all know I'm a sucker for a bold blush or a bright lipstick, but if you're a regular reader of the blog, you'll also know that I have a serious weakness for skin care. There are few things I enjoy more than pampering myself with a face mask or testing out a new cream or serum. Over the past couple of years I've really delved into the world of green beauty, as the notion of treating my skin with pure, safe, straight-from-nature ingredients is incredibly appealing. What I've learned along the way, however, is that just because a product is natural, it doesn't mean it will be compatible with my sensitive, acne-prone skin. Quite the contrary, several essential oils and extracts I've tested have made my skin quite angry. Not wanting to shirk natural skin care completely, I continued my quest to hone in on green beauty products that are natural, gentle, and effective for my finicky skin. So when Schaf Skin Care offered to send a few goodies my way, I was eager to jump at the chance! 

Schaf is a local Canadian brand (yay!) that aims to create natural products that are high-performance, gentle, and free from unnecessary ingredients such as synthetic chemicals, irritants, and fragrances (e.g., parabens, SLS, mineral oil, phthalates, petroleum, GMOs, and animal byproducts). Each product is a blend of natural and organic ingredients designed to cleanse, hydrate, and protect all skin types. Their products focus on promoting healthy, youthful skin via formulas that will lead to visible results without aggravating delicate skin types. Plus, they are all Eco-Cert certified and cruelty-free. Not much more to ask from a skin care line in my books! 

While I can definitely be a sucker for elaborate, luxurious packaging and an extensive product range, I really admire that Schaf chooses to keep things simple and focus on quality of product over quantity or excessive packaging. Their range features only five products (a cleanser, moisturizer, eye cream, scrub, and shave cream)- all a basic skin care routine needs, really- and the packaging is minimal and chic. This suggests that they've really put their energies into mastering their formulas, rather than on appearances or unnecessary variety. It is what's in the bottle that counts! The price point is right too- ranging from $25-$45, Schaf products are totally reasonable, especially in the realm of green beauty where things can get a bit exorbitant. 

Now let's take a closer look at the products!

The first product I tested was Schaf's Nutritive Daily Moisturizer** ($45 CAD). It promises light-weight, oil-free, yet nourishing hydration with both hyaluronic acid and peptides for a boost of anti-aging properties. It also includes natural ingredients such as avocado, grapeseed, pumpkin, and shea to further protect the skin from environmental damage. The product is also vegan, which I appreciate!

My thoughts on this moisturizer? It's a hit! It's exactly as promised, providing satisfying and plumping hydration without any hint of heaviness or greasiness. It layers and mixes very nicely with other serums and oils and wears wonderfully under makeup. Plus, it hasn't irritated or broken me out one bit, which is an ultimate win for me! There is nothing sexy about the scent or texture, but the performance is tops. And again, that's what's most important! 

Next up we have Schaf's Nutritive Daily Eye Cream** ($40 CAD). This eye treatment promises to smooth and reduce the look of fine lines, while hydrating, firming, and replenishing the eye area. Like the Moisturizer, it includes peptides, but also features Coenzyme Q10, an anti-aging powerhouse that works to stimulate collagen production safely and naturally. It is also vegan and aimed at all skin types.

The verdict? It has really impressed me so far! Like the Moisturizer, there is nothing sexy about the texture or scent. It is a basic yellow-toned mid-weight cream, but man does it perform! One of the key things I look for in an eye cream is that it hydrates and plumps my eye area without causing concealer, eyeliner, and mascara to slip and slide throughout the day. This does the job wonderfully! It wears exceptionally well under makeup with its completely non-greasy texture. I've been using it regularly for a few weeks now and I have to say that the fine lines around my eyes are looking less visible, my skin, more plump. Yay for noticeable results! 

Here are the Moisturizer and Eye Cream on the back of my hand, so you can get a sense of the consistency of each: 

(L-R); Schaf Nutritive Daily Moisturizer and Schaf Nutritive Daily Eye Cream

Given my initial love of the brand, I'm thrilled to announce that Schaf has provided me with one of their White Lava Purifying Scrubs** to give away to one lucky reader! 

This gentle exfoliator (with a value of $30 CAD) is designed to condition, balance, and smooth the skin with all natural particles of white lava and ground apricot seeds (no micro beads here!). It also works to plump the skin, is vegan, and is suitable for all skin types.

If you're interested in winning this little lovely (I mean, who wouldn't want to scrub their face with lava?!), simply enter via the Rafflecopter widget below!!

Again, this giveaway is for One (1) Schaf White Lava Purifying Scrub. The giveaway is open internationally and all readers aged 18+ are eligible to enter. False/giveaway account entries will be disqualified. The winner will be contacted on February 8th, 2016 via email and/or social media. If this winner does not respond within 48 hours, a new winner will be selected.
Be legit, people, and have fun!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Overall, I am so happy to be acquainted with Schaf, as my sensitive skin has been completely enjoying their products. My experience with the brand has reminded me that what my skin loves most are simple, gentle formulas that perform without any bells and whistles. It is a goal of mine this year to stick with skin care that really works, and Schaf has already been an integral part of that resolution! 

Thanks so much for stopping by and best of luck with the giveaway! xo


**Starred products were sent my way as PR samples for consideration and review. All opinions expressed are 100% authentic and my own!

Friday, 22 January 2016

Currently Obsessed: MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolours

Hi, everyone! If you've been scoping out my Instagram lately, you'll know that I've been posting non-stop about MAC's Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolours. When I saw a preview for these new offerings about a month ago, I was instantly intrigued. First off, that packaging! I'll go into more detail below, but I think they are such a neat take on the classic MAC lipstick bullet. Second, the shade range looked totally fabulous. I hadn't been this excited for a new MAC release in some time, so my first stop after work the day of their release was the Eaton Centre MAC store. I was ready to swatch and play! 

MAC describes the Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolours as a new take on the classic matte lipstick that offers "robustly saturated shades" (from It promises bold colour with a long-wearing "liquid suede finish". 

The display for the collection was as colourful as expected, with a retro-inspired promo image and all 15 shades from the range presented in a geometric arrangement. I immediately went to town swatching several of the shades and, after narrowing down my options, left with two of the Liquid Lipcolours. After another week of lusting and ruminating, I picked up another two colours to round out my current collection. 


Let's get back to the packaging, shall we? The outer boxes are the same as any MAC lip offering, semi-matte black cardboard with white lettering. As for the Liquid Lipcolours themselves? I mean, look at them! I've heard that people have mixed feelings about the design, but I personally think they are ingenious and adorable. The black twist-off lids look identical to MAC's iconic black lipstick tubes, while the bottom halves are made of sturdy, clear plastic, are longer than a typical MAC lipstick, and allow you to see the shade inside (which is extra handy). 

The applicators are an adaptation of the typical doe foot. They are relatively long and narrow and have a pointed tip that I find really helps with a precise application. It fits into corners of the lips perfectly and also helps to trace the lip line quite well! 

Here is a close-up of the applicator: 

Shades and Swatches

The four shades I've selected (so far) are:

Fashion Legacy- described as "an intense fire truck red", I find it to be a classic, slightly warm-toned red that is bold, yet totally flattering

High Drama- described as a "deep, dark plum", this is a deep berry wine that looks near-black when layered and worn at full intensity

Dance with Me- described as a "deep cranberry red", this is a cooler raspberry red that's not quite vampy, not quite bright, and incredibly pretty

Recollection- described as an "intense bright violet", this is a beautiful vivid mid-tone purple that is bold and unique, yet still quite wearable.

Here are swatches of each on my inner arm (MAC NC15 skin tone):

Wear Time

These claim long-wear and that has definitely been my experience! They've blown me away in this regard, actually. About 5 minutes after applying the swatches on my arm, I rubbed them vigorously with a cotton pad. As you can see, the colour barely budged! 

The performance of these lip colours during a meal is what has impressed me most. The first time I wore one of these to dinner (Fashion Legacy), I could see the lipstick transferring on my glass and napkin (I was eating cheesy pasta, after all), but I was terrified to look in the mirror afterwards. I expected it to be everywhere! But when I finally peeked at my reflection I was so pleasantly surprised! Despite some transfer of colour during the meal, there is so much pigment in these lipsticks that enough stayed on my lips by the end of dinner that I didn't have to re-apply. And there were no smudges or bleeding. Impressive! 

In a true experimental fashion, I wore Fashion Legacy to brunch with my blogger friends last weekend in an attempt to replicate these findings. And I did! Here's a shot of me after devouring buttery baguettes and eggs with Hollandaise sauce. As you can see, the colour is still intact! The colour is a bit deeper along the edges of my mouth, but it was light years away from the dreaded "lip liner only" look that can happen as a lipstick wore off. It looked nearly as good as new. My blogger buds were impressed! 

I did re-apply the lipstick after brunch and, after a bit of shopping, met up with another friend for a movie. We then grabbed some post-flick grub; namely, a pint of beer and a plate of cheesy nachos. When I got home, I expected my lips to look a mess (I mean, beer and nachos!), but that was not the case. Check it! 

Yes, my lips did look a bit dry and uneven, but the pigment of the Liquid Lipcolour just clung to my lips so well. Beer, cheese, and guacamole could not make a dent! 

Liquid Lip Colours with Completed Makeup Looks

Fashion Legacy
Perhaps my fave of the bunch. Such a classic, flattering red! Makes me feel like a '40s Hollywood screen siren.

High Drama
Man I feel like a badass sporting this shade! The blackened berry is dramatic, yet still totally wearable. 

Dance with Me
The deeper berry red that brightens the complexion and really makes me want to dance! I think this would be flattering on just about everyone. 

I love me a purple lip and this one is ultra cool! It is the most patchy of the shades I've tried, but when applied carefully, it looks pretty fabulous. 

An Overview

  • These are intensely pigmented. A little goes a very long way! 
  • The wear time is tops! Though not transfer-proof, your lips will still look painted and even after a meal! 
  • These are essentially smudge-proof. If you accidentally brush your lips or have a drink of water, these will not move! 
  • The applicator is super functional- the pointed tip allows you to paint inner corners and edges of the lips quite easily
  • Though these are far from hydrating, I find these significantly less drying than other matte liquid lip colours I've tried
  • The shade range is comprehensive- from nude, to berry, to red, to ultra vampy!
  • The packaging is adorable! Unique, but honours the MAC aesthetic perfectly. 
  • Because these are so pigmented, if you make an application mistake it's a bit tricky to fix
  • If not applied carefully, these can look a bit uneven on your lips. But if you take your time (I paint the bottom lip, then the top lip, without blotting or rubbing them together), even application is totally do-able
  • Though touch-ups are rarely necessary, the effect can be a bit uneven if you add another layer after eating (though only if you are scrutinizing them up close)

If you cannot already tell, I'm totally smitten with these! Like every other matte liquid lipstick I've tried, they are not without flaws, but I think I can safely say they're my favourite! The shades and pigmentation are beautiful, the applicator is completely functional, and the wear time can't be beat. And that packaging! My Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour collection will undoubtedly grow in the coming months. At the the moment I'm eyeing up Tailored to Tease (the fuchsia of the bunch) and To Matte with Love (a soft, everyday mid-tone rosy berry). I'll keep you posted when my stash grows!

Are you interested in the MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolours? Did I tempt you? Which of these shades is your fave? What's your favourite liquid lip colour formula?

Thanks for dropping by! xo


Thursday, 21 January 2016

Two New Skin Care Treats

Hi, everyone! As I write this I'm sitting at home with yet another bad cold and cough. Ugh, #immunesystemfail. But I'm trying to keep positive and use this sick day to catch up on blog work, including responding to all of your lovely comments. They are always so very much appreciated! I also plan to watch the movie Labyrinth tonight, which I also think will be soothing for my soul :)

Also good for the soul? Brunch with buddies and a bit of shopping. And luckily last Saturday brought just those things! A few fellow bloggers and I grabbed a meal at Cluny (which was utterly delicious and in the cutest French bistro atmosphere) and afterwards I wandered just a few doors down to Jacob & Sebastian's Distillery District shop. Jacob & Sebastian's original Queen and Bathurst boutique is one of my biggest beauty loves in the city and stopping in their Distillery location is always a treat- it's a beautiful space! I walked in for an innocent wander, then I realized that both my current makeup remover and cleanser were 95% empty. It was time to buy replacements, and what better store to help me do that?!

One of the reasons I love Jacob & Sebastian so much is that they feature several hard-to-find brands, many of which are stars in the green beauty world. In my perusal of these offerings, I was drawn to S.W. Basics, a Brooklyn-based brand that focuses on using the fewest ingredients possible while producing maximum results. All of the ingredients are organic and the packaging is minimal and functional (and definitely cool!). While my oily skin prefers cleansing oils that emulsify and rinse clean, the formula of S.W. Basics' Makeup Remover sold me. It has the rich colour of olive oil, the intoxicating scent of sweet almond, and the hydrating, yet lightweight consistency of jojoba oil. This stuff really melts makeup like a dream and, though it takes more elbow grease to remove than emulsifying oils, it has not broken me out one bit! Plus, I totally love the tag line on the bottle- "Mascara, you ain't the boss of me". Too good! The second product I chose was from Indie Lee, another top green beauty brand created by the line's namesake after overcoming a life-threatening brain tumor. Indie Lee only includes the safest of ingredients but also aims to create products that are luxurious and pleasing to the senses. The Brightening Cleanser aims to thoroughly, yet gently cleanse combination skin types with a mix of proteins and antioxidants. First off, it smells like strawberries (so sweet and refreshing!) thanks to strawberry oil that also brightens the skin. It includes coconut oil to lightly hydrate and lycopene to protect the skin. It foams gently, but never leaves my skin feeling stripped and my face really looks bright and clean afterwards. It's great stuff! 

Overall, I am super happy with both of these items and am excited to have them as continued stars in my skin care lineup. Thumbs up to both! 

I also wanted to give a shout-out to my lovely reader Samantha who was sweet enough to introduce herself in Jacob & Sebastian that day (along with her hubby and adorable baby)- it was such a surreal and fun experience to chat with a reader of the blog in person! Thanks for making my day, Samantha! :)

Have you tried anything from S.W. Basics or Indie Lee? What makeup removers and cleansers are you using at the moment?

Have a wonderful day! xo

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Quickie Review: Tony Moly Skin Soothing Tea Tree Mask Sheet

Hi, everyone! As I've likely mentioned before, I love a good sheet mask. They feel ultra refreshing and pampering, the effects are usually pretty instant, and they make you look like a creepy alien/serial killer. Cheers to improving your skin while freaking out your boyfriend! While sheet masks are ubiquitous in the beauty market these days, they originated from Korean beauty traditions and it seems to be the Korean brands that still do them best. Tony Moly is a Korean-based line that has been steadily nestling into the North American market lately. The brand's popularity makes a lot of sense- K-Beauty is having a serious moment, the prices are reasonable, and the packaging is beyond adorable! While I was tempted by the precious panda-laden hand creams and bunny-shaped face mists, it was the I'm Real Skin Soothing Tea Tree Mask Sheet that I decided to try first. 

Tony Moly offers a full range of Mask Sheets targeting a variety of skin care concerns from dullness, to breakouts, to uneven tone. I opted for the Skin Soothing Tea Tree variety because it sounded like the ultimate treat for my acne-prone sensitive skin. I know that tea tree is fab for breakouts and whenever I find an acne treatment that also claims to be soothing, I'm totally on board! 

Each of the Mask Sheets comes in a large, uniquely-shaped packet with the mask's name and a cute cartoon of the featured ingredient inside. 

The majority of detail on the packaging is in Korean, but the ingredient list reveals that the mask includes glycerin, tea tree, banana leaf, and anise. It is notably paraben-free as well as free from alcohol, which is a must in any product I choose for my sensitive skin. Online descriptions outline that this mask is designed to soothe the skin, calm redness, and restore balance. 

As you can see, the mask wasn't a perfect fit on my face, but it did have seams along the cheeks and chin to make it more customizable and it did adhere well. It felt cooling, fresh, and soothing on the skin and I looked properly creepy, which was a bonus! I left the mask on for about 30 minutes, as was recommended, then gently peeled it off. Upon removing the mask, my skin looked bright and plump and was still quite saturated with excess serum from the fabric. I massaged the rest of the serum into my face, which was an enjoyable final pampering step. 

We already know that I love the packaging, that it felt soothing to wear, and that I enjoyed looking spooky for half an hour, but how did the mask perform? Super well! Not only did this mask leave my skin glowing without any irritation, I experienced a significant reduction in redness by the following morning. My skin looked more calm and my breakouts were less angry. Both exciting things to wake up to! So would I buy this mask again? Heck, yes! At $5 CAD for a single mask, it's not the cheapest out there, but given the results I experienced, I think this is a reasonable price to pay. If it makes my cranky skin happy, I'm on board!

Have you ever used a sheet mask? Any favourites? Have you tried anything from Tony Moly?

Have a wonderful day!