Sunday, 7 December 2014

Veracious Product Review: Annabelle Twist Up Metal Mixes

Hi, everyone! Last month I was lucky enough to be sent a selection of goodies from Annabelle, a staple range in Canadian drugstores. Despite their ever-tempting, colourful displays, I'd not  yet tried a great deal from the brand. This was the perfect opportunity to give some of their star products a go, and I'm so happy I had the chance!

My first take on Annabelle comes courtesy of their Twist Up Retractable Lipstick Crayons**. Y'all know I'm a sucker for a chubby lip pencil, so I was obviously eager to crack these open! The shades they sent along are part of their limited edition Metal Mix collection, a selection of extra shiny, reflective colours. 

The Twist Ups come in glossy black tubes adorned with the Annabelle logo, the shade name, and colourful bands that match the hue inside. The product twists up and retracts easily (three cheers that it also retracts, as some twist-up products don't!) and is sealed with a clear cap that makes identifying the shade a brainless pursuit. 

Annabelle generously shared all four Metal Mix shades with me. The tones range from peachy nude to true, classic red, with some pops of pink in between! Here they are swatched on my inner arm (MAC NC15 skin tone):

(L-R): Annabelle Metal Mix Twist Up Retractable Lipstick Crayons in Nude of Fame, Rock & Rose, Heavy Petal, and Heartbreaker

Nude of Fame
The first shade is lovely peachy nude with just enough pink and the perfect amount of sheerness to render it quite wearable. This doesn't wash me out whatsoever, has a flattering dewy sheen, and the shade name is oddly catchy! 

Rock & Rose
Next up is a coral-tinged bubblegum pink that adds a pretty pop of colour without overwhelming the face. It is not the most flattering shade with my complexion, but I can see it looking incredibly pretty on cooler-toned gals, especially for Spring and Summer!

Heavy Petal
Then we have a blue-based pink. Not full-on vibrant, but more like a muted fuchsia purple! It also has a gorgeous sheen that makes lips look full and hydrated. 

Finally, the range touts a true, metallic red. It has *slightly* warm undertones, but is far from orange. It has a classic, Hollywood sort of feel and the shimmery, near metallic finish makes it quite festive. This is my favourite of the bunch! 

And now for a full breakdown of the ups and downs of these lipsticks!

  • Texture feels smooth and hydrating on the lips without any greasiness or heaviness
  • The metallic formula creates a flattering, plumping glow rather than an overwhelming frosty finish
  • These can be applied lightly for a sheer finish or built up for more intense colour
  • The lasting power of these is pretty great!
  • These are super affordable- less than half the price of higher end chubby lip pencils
  • These are definitely on the waxier side, as opposed to creamy (though I think this does help the wear time)
  • You have to apply a fair amount of pressure to create a more opaque colour

Overall, my first foray into Annabelle cosmetics was quite the pleasure! The texture of the Metal Mix Twist Ups** is comfortable and flattering on the lips, the shade range is comprehensive, and I much enjoy that these can be worn sheer or built up for a bolder look. Normally I am most drawn to shades of coral and fuchsia, but this time around it was the nude and red tones that stole my heart. Nude of Fame and Heartbreaker are my firm favourites and will will definitely be regulars in my holiday makeup lineup.

Thanks for stopping by and a huge thank you to Annabelle for giving me the chance to test these lovely lipsticks!

**These products were sent to me for review. All opinions expressed are authentic and fully my own! 


  1. I have to say, it doesn't look like the colour payoff is fantastic. It is good to know that it does last on the lips, though!

    1. Yeah, definitely not as pigmented as other lip pencils I've tried, but I like that they can also be worn sheer :)

  2. These sound really lovely! I adore the nudey shade. Shame we can't access Annabelle over here!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. I was definitely surprised at how much I loved the nude colour :)

  3. I really like these colors and they seem like a really cool concept!
    Melanie @

  4. Awesome post! I love the shades so much. Happy Monday! :)

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  6. OK sorry about that. I accidentally pasted something over my comment for the post and clicked publish a picosecond too fast... Anyways, I was saying these look good on you (especially the fuchsia and the red), but I'm not sure about the waxy part! I hope Annabelle will expand at some point. I've seen interesting products from them that I have no access to!

    1. Hahaha, no worries! I've done the same thing :) The waxy finish is a touch off-putting, but I actually like that they can be worn sheer. The red shade is my absolute fave :)

  7. Gorgeous shades, they look beautiful on you!

    Lauren x

  8. I like Heartbreaker and Nude of Fame. :D

  9. All the shades look so pretty on you! I got sent these as well and I can't wait to try them as the original Twist Ups were sooo good. How do they define these as a "metallic finish"? They just look kinda... shiny? lol

    1. There's a very slight metallic feel, which the camera just does pick up. Hope you like them too! :)

  10. Nice shades, great review.


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