Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Pai for the Holidays: The Instant Brightening Facial Set

Hi, everyone! If there's anything I'm more of a sucker for than natural, effective skin care, it's natural, effective skin care wrapped inside a pretty box. Given this affinity, I was ultra eager to check out Pai's new limited edition holiday kits in all of their festive glory. I was thrilled to hear that one of my favourite shops in the city, Jacob & Sebastian, is now carrying the line (at my recommendation, actually!) and I popped in late last month to check out the offerings. So glad I did! I walked out with two kits from the brand, the biggest and prettiest of the two being the Instant Brightening Facial Set

The set comes packaged in a beautiful cardboard box adorned with lush and colourful green and yellow flowers. Festive, in a very fresh way!

The box is banded with a strip that pictures and lists the contents of the kit, the Kukui & Jojoba Bead Skin Brightening Exfoliator, the Copaiba Deep Cleanse AHA Mask, and an organic muslin face cloth:

The theme of this set is products aimed at exfoliating and brightening a dull complexion. Both items are rich in Kukui oil, a blend of Hawaiian ingredients hailed for their blend of hydrating and protecting omegas. 

The label also contains the full ingredients of both products inside, which is always a huge bonus in my books. I want to know exactly what's going on my skin! 

Upon opening the box, you can see the products, alongside the muslin cloth, nestled into a cardboard backing. Both items are full-sized, which is fantastic! 

On the underside of the lid are step-by-step instructions of how to use the products inside, which is a nice touch!

As outlined, this facial ritual starts with a gentle, but thorough scrub, courtesy of the Kukui & Jojoba Bead Skin Brightening Exfoliator and is followed by a pore-cleaning and resurfacing treatment, the Copaiba Deep Cleanse AHA Mask. Quite the dynamic duo! 

The Kukui & Jojoba Bead Skin Brightening Exfoliator is a thick yellow gel that features suspended, scrubby jojoba beads. It is rich in fruit and plant oils and has a refreshing fruity fragrance to match. It's meant to be massaged into dry skin, then emulsified with water and rinsed away. I have to say I was a bit timid to try this, as I tend to steer clear of manual exfoliants, which are usually terribly ouchy on my sensitive skin. Luckily, this one was a nice exception! It does give a pretty thorough scrub, but the oils in the formula seem to shield the skin from any feeling of stripping or abrasion. It does emulsify easily and, despite the rich formula, rinses quite clean! 

Next is the Copaiba Deep Cleanse AHA Mask, which is the real powerhouse of the duo and a new addition to the Pai range. After scrubbing and patting my skin dry, I apply an even layer of the mask all over. It has a rich, creamy texture, but don't be deceived- it really gives a deep clean! It's also packed with a serious dose of exfoliating lactic acid and soothing plant oils. Despite this being formulated for sensitive skin, it's important not to underestimate the potency of this mask. When applied too thickly and left on too long, this really left my skin looking red! In a thin layer and for 10 minutes, though, it's perfection! It leaves my skin looking pure, bright, and glowing. 

Here's a shot of me wearing the mask: 

Overall, I couldn't be happier with this set! I'm so happy to have found an manual exfoliant that doesn't irritate my sensitive skin and the potency and effectiveness of the mask is ultra impressive. The natural, organic ingredients in both are so skin-friendly and beautifully fragrant, yet the formulations are far from wimpy. They really get the job done! 

If you're looking for a super last-minute holiday gift, I'd suggest you run- don't walk!- to Jacob & Sebastian where gorgeous skin care kits like this abound. Your loved ones will thank you and so will your skin (if you decide to treat yo' self as well. You should!).

Cheers :)


  1. This looks like such a great product! Thanks for sharing :)


  2. Looks like a wonderful product! Thank you for sharing!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  3. Replies
    1. The mask really is fabulous stuff! :)

  4. hahah cute
    i always love the idea of exfoliating first and then masking second. i do it that way often. and look at you, you've got clout lady :P
    do you remember how much it was?

    1. Haha, I was so happy to hear I'd inspired him to check out the line! I don't remember exactly (I got a bit of a Black Friday deal), but I think it was around $50?

  5. I really like Pai too! I have some of the products and love them. My fave right now is the Sea Aster & Wild Oat Instant Calm Redness Serum-stuff is gold!

    1. Ooh, I'm definitely curious to try that serum! It sounds lovely :)

  6. I really like these Pai sets, I saw them recently on BeautyBay. I'm really tempted to get the one with the mask and oil. :)

    1. That set is lovely too! I already have the oil, otherwise, I would have snagged it too :)

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