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Veracious Product Review: Annabelle Stay Sharp Self-Sharpening Waterproof Kohls and Lipliners

Hi, everyone! A couple weeks ago I shared a review of the Annabelle Metal Mix Retractable Lipstick Crayons*, which was my fun and colourful foray into the brand. Today I'm bringing you a different, yet equally lovely type of pencil from Annabelle. Their Stay Sharp Self-Sharpening Waterproof Kohl Eyeliners* and Lipliners* are thin, sleek, and ultra functional. I was lucky enough two receive to shades of each and I've been eager to sing their praises since first twist. 

Let's start with the eyeliners. The Stay Sharp Self-Sharpening Waterproof Kohl Eyeliners* are thin pencils with a plastic twist-up packaging. The outer casing matches the colour inside, which is handy when you're in a rush! These liners promise 14-hour waterproof wear as well as a non-irritating, eye-friendly formula. 

The two shades I received were Cappuccino, a deep neutral brown, and Go Black, a true, balanced black. 

The tips of the liners are tiny and sharp with a visibly soft texture:

And now, the lipliners! The Stay Sharp Self-Sharpening Waterproof Lipliners* come in identical packaging as the kohl liners, coloured in hues to match the shades inside. They promise long-lasting 6-hour wear, a creamy texture, and a gentle hypoallergenic formula.

The shades I received were Glam Red, a classic Hollywood scarlet and Java, a warm, tawny nude. 

As with the eyeliners, the tips of the lipliners are tiny, precise, and suggest a creamy texture:

Now what makes these babies self-sharpening, you might ask? Let's have a little demo. Here is Cappuccino after a few swipes. You can see that the tip has rounded and dulled. 

To sharpen, all you have to do is put the cap on and twist. That's it! As you can (kind of) see from the photo below, there is a sharpening mechanism built into the lid of the liner. Once you place the lid on, just close it tight and you will hear an audible click. 

Then, twist of the cap and- voila! A newly pointed tip! I have to say that this mechanism is truly ingenious and extremely simple to use. 

Now that we've perused the packaging, let's take a peek at these goodies in action! Here are swatches of all 4 shades in my inner arm (MAC NC15 skin tone). As you can see, the colours apply evenly and are fully pigmented. 

(L-R): Annabelle Stay Sharp Lip Liners in Java and Glam Red and Kohl Eyeliners in Cappuccino and Go Black

And here are a couple of the shades as part of a makeup look. This is Java, applied all over my lips. It really creates a perfect neutral matte pout!

And Cappuccino, used to create a bit of a cat eye. It really creates a sharp, precise line and is a very flattering dark brown.

And both together, as part of an entire look!

And as if this post weren't long enough (whoops), here's a breakdown of the ups and downs of these handy little liners:

  • The self-sharpening mechanism is truly genius and works well every time. Perfect for a lazy gal like me!
  • Both the lip liners and kohl eyeliners are wonderfully pigmented and apply smoothly and evenly (no patchiness, tugging, or pulling)
  • Lip liners create a matte effect without drying out the lips
  • Eyeliner tips are tiny enough to create an ultra precise winged liner
  • The wear time is impressive; lip liners last quite well through meals and liners don't fade during the 9 to 5
  • These are a great drugstore value at $9.95 CAD
  • The eyeliners do start to fade after about 8 hours (though they never smudge!)

Overall, the Annabelle Stay Sharps* are a huge hit in my books! As you can see, the cons are sparse- the packaging is smart and sleek, the colours are rich and pigmented, and the wear time is impressive. All 4 of these shades have been getting good use since receiving them (using at least one nearly daily), so that's saying a lot!

Does this packaging mesmerize you too? What eyeliners and lip liners are you loving lately?

Thanks for stopping by! xo

*These products were sent to me from Annabelle for review. All opinions, as always, are completely authentic and my own. 


  1. Java is my kinda shade, right mix of brown and pink. :)

  2. welp. you know i'm a fan of these soooo lol they do smudge a little on me though :(

  3. i love self sharpening pencils! I'm super lazy and always have a hard time sharpening regular pencils (i tend to break the entire pencil a lot before i get it nice)! will have to try these!
    - Andrea

    1. They're definitely worth a try! As a lazy gal myself, I can vouch for them :)

  4. Ooh how pretty! Love the look you did. I've heard a bit about Annabelle, too bad it's not available here though!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  5. Whee I love both Cappuccino and Java on you! So sorry to hear the eyeliner fades, but at least it doesn't smudge! I'd be pretty happy not actually having to sharpen anything!

    1. Thanks! Really loving these liners- they're near perfect!

  6. These are lovely colours! Great swatches :D the makeup look looks lovely on you and also you are very pretty :D


    1. Thanks so very much for the sweet comment :)


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