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Tuesday 16 September 2014

Veracious Product Review: Boub Boub Bright Shimmer Eye Shadow Palette from Born Pretty

Hi, everyone! A little while back, I was contacted by the Born Pretty Store, inquiring if I'd like to review some of their products on the blog. I was eager to oblige, as I'd heard nothing but good things about the site's offerings. Born Pretty is an Asian-based online retailer that features beauty and lifestyle products that are ridiculously cute and extremely affordable. A combination that's right up my alley! I was able to select the products I'd like to feature, which was a fun and tough experience- so many goodies to choose from!

Today I'm reviewing my first selection from Born Pretty, the Boub Boub Bright Shimmer Eye Shadow Palette #6**. It retails for just over $6 USD and you can find it, here!

The palette comes boxed in a shiny gold package with a large logo on the front and a description in English (kind of) on the back. Taking my best crack at the translation, the Bright Shimmer Eye Shadow Palettes appear to promise shimmery, bold, long-wearing colours that can work together to create a variety of looks. 

The palette itself is made of fairly sturdy plastic and also has a reflective gold finish. 

But the main reason I selected this palette was for the gorgeous shades inside! It features 5 shimmery and glittery shadows with warm golden, copper, and olive undertones. Four of the shadows come in square-shaped pans, while the fifth is in a thin rectangular strip. I can't decipher what's different about the narrow strip of colour, but it does make for an interesting design! 

The first shot below shows the shadows fairly true to colour, while the second really highlights just how glittery these babies are! 

Here are swatches of the shades on my inner arm (MAC NC15 skin tone). As you can see, the palette features a warm yellow ivory gold, a deeper olive-toned brown, a orange-tinged copper, a neutral silver, and fiery mid-toned bronze. They are swatched here dry, without any primer- quite pigmented, especially as glitter shadows go!

You can see them below under slightly different lighting:

And here's an eye look I created with all five shades in the palette. I focused the coppery tones on  my lid, the olive brown lightly on the crease and as a liner along the upper lashes, the silver along my lower lash line, and the ivory gold as a highlight:

And in the context of an entire makeup look: 

And a full breakdown of my impressions of this shiny little palette:

  • Excellent pigmentation, especially for glitter shadows
  • Incredibly long-wearing formula
  • Flattering, wearable shades
  • Despite the glittery finish, these don't feel at all gritty or dry on the lids
  • At just over $6 USD, these are a great bargain!
  • There is a minimal amount of glitter fallout, so you will have somewhat sparkly cheeks!
  • Packaging is a bit bulky

So there you go- a review of my first-ever Born Pretty product! I definitely won't be wearing these glittery shades on a daily basis, but as glitter shadows go, these are among the best I've tried! The pigmentation is fabulous and the shades are quite wearable and flattering. The formula is long-wearing and comfortable on the lids and the fallout is quite minimal. No major complaints here, especially given the price! 

If you're interested in checking out cute goodies like this from Born Pretty, you can pop by their site, here! They have a discount code on at the moment for readers of the blog- just enter VIBH10 at the checkout to save 10% off your order. You're guaranteed to find something that makes you feel pretty! 

** This product was provided by the Born Pretty Store for review. As always, the review is authentic and completely veracious!


  1. Love the effect of this palette on the skin!
    Fabrizia – Cosa Mi Metto???

  2. a little too asian-glittery for me. i still haven't really fallen in love with how palettes from asia tend to have a bit too much shimmer but i like the shade combination.

    A Beautiful Zen

  3. Haven't tried anything from Born Pretty yet, but their products seem pretty decent! I think this is a bit too glittery for my liking but the formula seems pretty good! Is it just me, or does the logo look a bit like it says 'boob' at first glance? Haha...!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  4. Great job on this entry! Stunning shades. Have an awesome day!


  5. This looks gorgeously glittery! I would never be able to pull it off but you sure can!

  6. Oh wow, that is a lot of glitter! I can hardly believe it's 6 bucks though! The quality does look great! I love the look you put together :)

  7. i love the shimmery shades!! I might try this palette! I use a daily bronze colored shimmery shadow from urban decay from my naked3 palette but im running low and i dont think they sell it individual (trick), this is a great alternative!
    ps. random, but have you seen/tried the maya mia palette by anastasia beverly hills? I'm thinking about buying it and seeing as you're an expert with eye shadows thought id ask. ive seen lots of youtube videos with eye shadow tutorials and it looks great!
    let me know!
    have a great rest of the week! happy hump day! :)
    - Andrea

  8. Stunning colors, they shine so beautifully. *___*
    Lovely greets Vanessa

  9. This looks so pretty - love shimmery colours!!

  10. For the price, this looks incredibly pretty!


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