Saturday, 10 December 2011

30 Days of Lipstick, Day 28: Paul & Joe Lipstick CS N in #201 Amise Bouche

On Day 28 my lipstick of choice was one from a brand with beautiful, sophisticated packaging and a pretty, floral shade to match- Paul & Joe Lipstick CS N in #201 Amise Bouche. Paul & Joe is a French line of cosmetics launched in 2002 by the head designer behind the flirty and feminine Paul & Joe fashion line. Their cosmetics are a bit difficult to find in Canadian stores, but they you can check them out at and, and of course at

Each season, the design and pattern of their limited edition lipstick tubes mirror the fabrics recently featured in the Paul & Joe runway shows. A neat and chic idea! Here's what mine looks like:

Paul & Joe Lipstick CS N- Beautiful packaging!

And here's what Lipstick CS N #201 looks like in the tube:

Paul & Joe Lipstick CS N #201

And here is a picture of it swatched on my arm (on the left):

(L) Paul & Joe #201, (M) Mac Ladybug, and (R) Chanel Zanzibar 

As you can see, #201 is a mid- to deep-toned berry grape shade. It has a moisturizing, slightly shiny finish and sheer to moderate colour coverage. Paul & Joe claims that their CS N lipsticks offer "brilliant colour", a "sheer... creamy texture", a "long lasting" and "comfortable" formula, and the power to make "your lips more glamorous". Phew! A long list of claims, but a fairly accurate one! I've never asked my lips just how glamorous this lipstick makes them feel, but I feel pretty alluring when I have it on :)

Here are a few pictures of me wearing it:

Me wearing Paul & Joe Lipstick CS N #201 Amise Bouche

Under artificial light (dorky face :)

With flash

The Verdict:

  • A purple-toned shade that doesn't wash out my fair, neutral-warm skin tone!
  • Unique and feminine packaging
  • Does not dry out my lips (which is a must for winter!)
  • Sheer formula, so the colour isn't too overpowering

  • This lipstick is difficult to find in stores, so may be hard to track down (especially if you do not prefer online shopping; I got mine in a makeup swap)
  • This shade might be slightly too purple-toned for those with very fair or very warm/golden-toned skin

Overall, this lipstick is a great choice if you're looking for a grape-toned hue that isn't too matte or opaque. Plus the sheer, moist formula is fantastic for winter- and the packaging is fun to show off! If you're a sucker for cosmetics that are beautiful to look at (in addition to being functional), check out Paul & Joe Cosmetics!

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