Saturday, 21 February 2015

Quickie Product Review: Yaby Pearl Paints

Hi, everyone! Apologies for the "quickie" posts lately- I'm in serious a dissertation crunch and don't have quite the time allotment for the fuller reviews I like to share. But given that blogging keeps me sane, I wanted to continue with posting nonetheless. Hope you're finding the more concise reviews to be just as helpful!

I've sported an eye look in my past two blog posts that many of you have been asking about. What was I wearing on my eyes here and here? It's none other than these amazing little Yaby Pearl Paints!

Yaby is a Canadian makeup artist-driven brand that I originally heard about via the lovely artist who did my cousin's wedding hair and makeup. I was thrilled to spot the brand at IMATS this year, where my attention was quickly directed to their Pearl Paints. The makeup artist told me that these were the most shimmery, pigmented eye products they offered, so I was instantly intrigued! Yaby describes the Pearl Paints as powder shadows that feel as soft as a cream. They are designed to be extremely pigmented, waterproof, and to show up true-to-colour on film and camera. The line is also vegan and made with sturdy packaging for makeup artists on the go. 

Yes, they are ultra tiny. But given that they are ultra affordable ($3.85 each) and that I neeever finish full-sized shadows, I didn't mind one bit! In fact, this is exactly why Yaby designed all of their products this way. The smaller, compact size allows for makeup artists to carry so many more shades with them without having their kits bursting at the seams. Quite ingenious! 

You can purchase the Pearl Paints on their own (they are magnetic, so will fit into any open custom palette), or you can buy them alongside Yaby's custom, Stackable Set Palettes. The palettes are made of sturdy white plastic and are perfectly compact (5.3 x 5.4 cm). You can buy them in "free" form or with inserts suitable for housing 1-5 products (e.g., one blush or 5 shadows). The extra neat part is that the lid easily removes (see above photo), so that you can stack several layers on top of one another, and then secure the stack with the original lid. So essentially, you could have your go-to foundation, concealer, blush, brow colour, lip colour, and eye shadows all in once little cube palette. Very cool!

Please excuse the chipped black polish. How very goth of me!

I picked up five Pearl Paints at IMATS, so chose the corresponding 5-well palette to go with it. Here's what it looks like with all five products inserted:

Narrowing it down to five shades was incredibly difficult (so many striking, unique shades!), but the colours I ended up choosing were:

Summer Night- a cool, mid-tone sea blue with subtle turquoise shimmer
Sea Turtle- a pale-to-medium lime green with soft golden shimmer
Baby Sapphire- a pale icy blue with silver shimmer
Tamarind- a warm, mid-tone spicy brown with coppery shimmer, and 
Purple Iris- a warm magenta purple with soft blue-toned shimmer

I have to say that the cute shade names really are a fun touch! Here are all five shades swatched on my inner arm (MAC NC15 skin tone) without any primer underneath:

Yaby Pearl Paints in:
Summer Night, Sea Turtle
Baby Sapphire
Tamarind, Purple Iris

And here is a makeup look I created using all 5 of the Pearl Paints. Yes, it's the same look that I've worn in my last two Face Atelier reviews! I also featured this makeup in an IMATS-inspired Look of the Day back in November.

For this look, I applied Baby Sapphire to the inner third of my lid, blending it into Sea Turtle which I smoothed over the centre of my lid. For added definition, I applied Summer Night, the deeper blue, in the crease, and popped Tamarind on the outer corner of my eye. Finally, I buffed a small amount of Purple Iris along my lower lash line. And that's it! 

Well, I guess this didn't end up being too much of a "quickie" after all! If you couldn't tell already, I'm totally smitten with these little shadows! The shades are bold, unique, and pigmented and have a beautiful amount of shimmer that's flattering and not completely over the top. I love that they are tiny (and affordable to match), as it allows you to grow your collection without breaking the bank or busting your makeup drawers. I really can't wait to pick up more! If you're in Toronto, you can find Yaby at the Blur Makeup Room on Queen Street. I may be paying them a visit for my March purchase of the month! :)

Have you heard of Yaby? Do these shades appeal to you? What do you think of tiny, compact eye shadows like these?

Thanks for dropping by and have a wonderful weekend!


  1. These look so pretty! They are very pearly. I'll be sure to check them out the next time I'm in Toronto hopefully next year!

    1. You definitely should! How fun that you're visiting Toronto soon :)

  2. I haven't heard about this brand. Those eye shadows look gorgeous though.

  3. yea, there is a lot to love about these. the price, pigmentation and potential for actually using them up lol

    1. Exactly! Glad you're liking them too!

  4. Always wanted to try this brand! Love these shadows, they just glow!

  5. The pans are so small that they are CUTE! I like the finish, and for the price you really can't lose! I've heard great things about Yaby, but it is another of those brands that I have zero access to (not that I need more makeup or anything LOL)!

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  8. I love those colors! Thanks for sharing!
    Melanie @

  9. I have never heard of Yaby before. The tiny eyeshadows are so cute. I particularly love the bronzy one.

    Glam O’Clock

  10. Omg this is like the cutest thing ever! I can see myself collecting and stacking away! :D The shadows seem of good quality, too! Thanks for the introduction to the brand! And good luck on your dissertation! :)

    1. Thanks so much! And I can definitely see myself collecting more :)

  11. I remember Yaby from the early years of YouTube! All the gurus had the huge Yaby palette with all the colorful eyeshadows. lol I loved the shades that you chose, the green shade is lovely. :-)

    1. Thanks, Laura! I'd definitely love to have one of those big palettes at some point :)

  12. Thanks for sharing ! I've never heard of yabys but will def check them out now! Such a cute little custom palette! And those shades are really nice!
    Hope dissertation writing is going well! I'm writing a manuscript for publication at the moment so I kinda get how u feel!

    1. Thanks so much, Andrea! Hope all of your work is going smoothly too! xo


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