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Make Your Move with Lipstick Queen Lipstick Chess!

Hi, everyone! Chess is a game that I quite admire, but have yet to master- at least consistently. I've learned how to play three times in my life, with about 10 years between each lesson. When I was ten years old, my little brainiac of a sister (just having learned the game) taught me chess and I beat her the first time around. She was none too pleased and I still tease her about it today. When I was 20 years old, a younger cousin of mine re-taught me and I quite enjoyed it (I can't recall if I won, perhaps because it was less emotionally charged than battling my sibling). When I was 30, my hubby taught me how to play and I fell back in love with the game. Pretty sure he beat me a few times in a row, but that's besides the point. The history and strategy behind the game is immensely fascinating and it brings out the fierce competitor in me!

So when I first saw that Lipstick Queen's Spring collection was a lipstick-themed homage to chess, I was delighted! I'm so excited to be sharing the full Lipstick Chess collection with you today. It's quite a special lineup that will thrill the lipstick lover and board game geek alike! 

Before going into describing the collection further, I have to give a shout-out to my hubby for not only entrusting me to put lipstick on his antique chessboard, but also for helping me stage the photos. I was struggling to find the right position and lighting to really highlight the product as well as the chess pieces (and was throwing quite the tantrum, to be honest) and he really came to the rescue! Frankly, I think we was pleased that my obsession with lipstick finally intersected with his dedication to board games ;)

The packaging of the collection is utterly fantastic, with the boxes themselves a work of nerdy art. On each box, one side dons the Lipstick Queen logo, on another, the Lipstick Chess label, and another (the best part) an illustration of the chess piece that inspired the shade. 

The tubes are made of sturdy lightweight metal with lids that secure with a satisfying click. There is also a little Lipstick Queen logo on the inside of the tube, revealed when the cap is removed. 

The Lipstick Chess collection, which the brand touts as "Beauty and Brains combined in a lipstick" offers 6 shades of matte lipstick ($24 USD/$32 CAD each) that promise full coverage and a hydrating formula. Each shade is named after a chess piece is enriched with natural oils, antioxidants, and Vitamin E to ensure that the effect is matte, but not parched. They tout a suede-like texture and finish with both long wear and saturated colour. 

The shades are divided into two "teams", as it were- the white pieces, which is a trio of modern neutrals. 

The three white pieces/shades are: 

Lipstick Queen describes Pawn as a "Deep Nude". I would describe it as a mid-tone warm, tawny peachy nude. It's super pretty and I think it will look perfect in the summertime with a bit of a tan! 

Lipstick Queen Lipstick Chess in Pawn

Lipstick Queen describes Knight as a "Dashing Mocha". I'd describe it as a warm chestnut brown that lies firmly between nude and vampy. I don't have any brown shade quite like it in my collection and I like that it has a bit more warmth than some of the grey-toned '90s browns on the market. 

Lipstick Queen Lipstick Chess in Knight

Lipstick Queen describes Bishop as a "Determined Mauve".  I'd describe it as a mid-tone mauve pink that's cool-toned but not overly so. I think it would be the most universally flattering shade of the bunch! 

Lipstick Queen Lipstick Chess in Bishop

And then we have the three "black" pieces, a trio of more saturated red-based hues. 

The three black pieces/shades are: 

Lipstick Queen describes King as a "Rich Berry".  I'd describe it as mid- to deep-tone true berry that lies firmly between a red and a purple. It really is a beautiful balance between red, pink, and plum! 

Lipstick Queen Lipstick Chess in King

Lipstick Queen describes Rook as a "Brick Red". I'd describe it as a deep brown-red with subtle berry undertones. It is my favourite of the bunch because I find it to be quite unique and it is just this side of vampy, so that it's bold, but still brightening to the complexion! 

Lipstick Queen Lipstick Chess in Rook

Lipstick Queen describes Queen as a "Ruby Red".  I'd describe it as a classic, balanced red that really brings brightness to the complexion. It's definitely the most vivid of the collection and I think it would be a perfect red for almost any skin tone as it doesn't pull distinctly cool or warm and is neither neon or vampy. Just a beautiful, wearable red! 

Lipstick Queen Lipstick Chess in Queen 

And here are swatches of all six Lipstick Chess shades on my inner arm (MAC NC15 skin tone) under slightly different (artificial) lighting: 

So what about the formula? Does it live up to the brand's claims? I have to sound an enthusiastic yes! First off, the texture really is suede-like, with just enough creaminess to glide easily and feel hydrating, but also with a subtle powdery finish to keep things truly matte, but also lightweight. These lippies really do offer full-on colour, which can be built up easily in about two passes. I actually like that these aren't completely full-on in one swipe (sometimes you like a softer effect), but that boldness can still be achieved quite easily. And as for wear time- also impressive! They wear off only slightly during a meal and leave a nice wash of colour behind as they continue to wear (especially the darker shades). By the end of the day, my lips have a soft powdery feel to them, which I'd much prefer to the parched, peeling impact that other matte lipsticks can have. I truly have no complaints about this formula! 

If you can't tell, I had a blast photographing this lovely collection and, more importantly, I'm so impressed with the range. Lipstick Queen has never really led me astray, as their products are always innovative and aimed at the true lipstick junkie (like yours truly). The Lipstick Chess formula is top-notch, the shade range is small, but wonderfully varied, and the names and packaging actually made me want to keep the chess board out after the photo shoot was over. I'm determined to kick my husband's butt sometime over the long weekend ;)

If I've tempted you with the Lipstick Chess collection, you can now find these lovely lippies on the Lipstick Queen website and in Murale stores in Canada. 

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a fantastic weekend :)


**Products marked with these asterisks were sent to me as PR samples for consideration and review. All opinions expressed in this post are 100% authentic and my own! 


  1. How beautiful is the packaging of these! I love King shade and looks amazing on you, it's a beautiful plum lipstick to wear all seasons!


    1. Thank you! I love the packaging too and I agree that King is such a pretty plum :)

  2. What a lovely shades. Love queen shade so much.

    1. Thank you! Queen really is such a gorgeous red :)

  3. I so love it!

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  4. These are gorgeous shades, I especially liked the BIshop one. All these shades looks great on you.
    Nina's Style Blog

    1. Thanks so much, Nina! Bishop is a shade I think would be pretty on everyone! :)

  5. Love the colours and the formula sounds divine! The chess theme definitely speaks to me and is a change from all the repetitiveness we've seen in a lot of other collections!

    Stephanie |

    1. Yes, I love how unique an idea is behind the collection! And the formula really is great! :)

  6. Bishop and Rook look like my perfect colours. I've always wanted to try the brand, but I haven't heard a lot about them. I know Tati did a review on the frog prince line, but wasn't overly impressed. May need to stop by Murale one day soon!

    Katherine || The Green Bows

    1. Yes, I think you would love both of those shades! I like the Frog Prince and Hello Sailor lipsticks- something fun about a lipstick that's blue or green but ends up being wearable! They also make super fancy lipsticks (like their Silver Screen lipsticks) that I've been swooning over. Stop by Murale for sure! :)

  7. All gorgeous but love Pawn on you!

    1. Thank you! Pawn really is a super pretty nude :)

  8. I love the browns, they look stunning on you!

  9. Beautiful shades! The first two are my fave, prob the only shades I'd wear :p but I love the reds on you!

  10. Bishop & King are gorgeous on you :))


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