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Green and Local Skin Care: Cocoon Apothecary

Hi, everyone! Hope you've all had a great weekend! There's no shortage of skin care in my cabinet, that's for sure, but it's always a special treat to test out a brand that's made close to home. Cocoon Apothecary is made in Kitchener, Ontario, right in between Toronto (where I've been living for over 9 years now) and Windsor, Ontario, where I grew up. When I first heard of the brand, I was instantly drawn to the name- cocoon is such a calming, enveloping sort of word. And it fits the brand's ethos quite well! Cocoon Apothecary creates meticulously-crafted all-natural, plant-based skin care products that are suitable for even the most sensitive of skins. Further, the line is completely vegan and includes ingredients that are biodegradable, organic, and ethically-sourced. They tout that nature's ingredients include all of the anti-aging benefits that you need without requiring unsafe and harsh additives. They are dedicated to effective formulas and intoxicating scents- and I say cheers to both! 

The brand was lovely enough to send along some of their best-sellers, including the Skin Care Starter Kit** ($30 CAD) and the Ancient Mud Facial Mask** ($26 CAD). A perfect way to delve into the range. 

The Skin Care Starter Kit** includes three product minis and is housed in a glossy flower-laden box. I do have to say that the brand's packaging, with its flourishing font and floral motifs, is not of the style that would typically tempt me, but I'm glad I was given the chance to not judge a book by its cover! 

The kit contains three mini products (20 mL each), a cleanser, face mist, and face cream. Each are packaged in solid glass bottles with handy pumps. The goodies included are:

Petal Purity Facial Cleanser
This is a creamy cleanser designed to remove impurities and makeup without stripping the skin. It contains geranium and lavender to balance the complexion and coconut and sweet almond oils to cleanse and hydrate.
What I love about this cleanser is that it feels so rich and creamy on the skin, yet rinses easily and completely clean without any greasy residue! It doesn't dry out my skin, as promised, yet doesn't feel at all heavy or clogging. I love to use it as a morning cleanser- it leaves my skin perfectly fresh and calm without any fuss!

Rose Dew Facial Toner
This floral-smelling mist is made from 100% organic rose hydrosol (which also means that it's alcohol-free and smells of freshly picked roses). This flower extract is rich in antioxidants and also works to tone and balance the skin.
While I don't find anything spectacular about the toner, it is perfectly nice and pleasant to use. It smells lovely, adds a very light, fine mist, and doesn't irritate my skin.

Rosey Cheeks Facial Cream
This rich face cream is designed to be hydrating, anti-aging, and soothing for the skin. It includes rosehip oil (which is brightening and rejuvenating), avocado oil (which is deeply nourishing), camellia oil (which is rich with antioxidants), and shea butter (which is ultra moisturizing). 
This is such a beautiful moisturizer! The scent is to die for (a floral, chocolately concoction) and the texture is just perfect- rich and nourishing, yet sinks in perfectly. It does not leave my skin feeling smothered or greasy, but instead imparts a perfectly soft and dewy finish. It wears well under makeup and calms my redness too! 

The Ancient Mud Facial Mask** is another natural treat, consisting of only four ingredients: dead sea mud, glacial marine clay, neroli essential oil, and rose essential oil. It promises to detoxify and exfoliate while dosing the skin with minerals and purifying the pores. The combination of the mud and clay ingredients are said to infuse and maintain the health of the skin while purging pollution and dirt. Plus, the essential oils add an extra antioxidant boost. 

The mask is a greenish brown colour and is very thick, yet super creamy in texture. It smells of earth, flowers, and the sea and gives you a perfect mud monster look when on the face (yay for getting to scare my hubby!). 

After 10-15 minutes the mask does dry completely and feels slightly tight on the face. This sensation typically leaves me wary, but I was pleased to find that the mask rinsed quite easily without leaving my skin feeling parched. The natural grit of the clay also provides a super gentle exfoliation that does not irritate my fussy skin. Overall, this leaves my complexion super bright and clean and has been helping to make my breakouts less frequent over the past few weeks. Another win! 

I'm super glad I discovered Cocoon Apothecary as I think they're quite the local gem! The formulas are simple (in a good way), yet totally thoughtful, are truly gentle enough for sensitive skin (my finicky complexion would know!), and are a pleasure to use. I'm definitely eyeing up their Spotbuster Natural Blemish Treatment, Rosehip Oil Serum, and Magic Bean Body Lotion next!

If I've tempted you, you can find Cocoon Apothecary on their website, here

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**Products marked with these asterisks were sent to me as PR samples for consideration and review. All opinions expressed in this post are 100% authentic and my own!


  1. I think I've read about this brand on another blog, not sure where though but gosh, I love how everything sounds. 20mL each for the starter kit products are actually a decent size and we get enough to thoroughly test each product.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  2. Oooh these sound like great products! Yay to Canadian brands!

  3. Their products sound wonderful! The Petal Purity Facial Cleanser sounds like a cleanser I would love in the morning. I like to gently cleanse my face when I wake up and I find foaming cleansers too much cause they strip all of the moisture and oil out of my face.


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