Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Photot Tutorial: Olivia Wilde's Oscars Look!

Hi, everyone! Earlier this month, I shared with you my picks for the best makeup looks at this year's Academy Awards. I got you to vote for which of the featured looks you'd like me to re-create in a tutorial, and the clear winner was... Olivia Wilde!

I was jazzed to emulate her red carpet look, as it was all about bold, graphic winged liner and nude peachy cheeks and lips. Mod perfection! 

I finally got the chance to re-create the look over the weekend, so here you have it: my step-by-step photo tutorial of how to master Olivia Wilde's '60s-inspired 2014 Oscars look! Hope you find it helpful!

So let's start at the beginning!

1) Start with moisturized, primed skin. Starting with a smooth canvas is always a must! Pick whatever moisturizer and primer combo makes your skin look its best and wears well under foundation. I opted for Antipodes Divine Face Oil and Sunday Riley Effortless Tinted Breathable Primer in Light. Now you're fresh-faced and ready for foundation!

2) Create a Flawless Base. Olivia's foundation offered moderate coverage and a satiny matte finish. Not dewy, but definitely not flat. Choose a foundation that will even out your skin tone without looking mask-like. I chose By Terry Cover Expert in Shade #1. Then, apply powder, but only in areas where skin gets oily. Too much powder will leave things looking cakey, rather than fresh. I applied Revlon ColourStay Pressed Powder in Light very sparingly on my t-zone and around my eyes. 

3) Add a subtle contour! Olivia's cheeks were gently defined on Oscars night, so I added a subtle contour underneath my cheekbones to emulate the look. Pick a shade just a couple tones darker than your natural complexion, preferably in a matte finish for an extra natural look. I applied The Body Shop's Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder in Fair Matte in the hollows of my cheeks with a kabuki brush. 

4) Eyebrows! As you can tell, I have very little in the way of natural brows, so filling in my arches is a daily chore. If you have more generous brows, just be sure to leave them neat and groomed. Olivia's brows were defined without being too bold, so simply use your favourite brow colour and/or gel to make your natural brow shape look its best. I used Maybelline's Define-A-Brow pencil in Dark Blonde, then combed the excess out with a bare spoolie brush. 

5) Prime the eyelids and add a matte, natural base. To start the eye look, add a swipe of your favourite eye shadow primer. We don't want anything to budge! I used Urban Decay's Original Primer Potion formula. Looking closely at Olivia's eye, you'll see there is very little shimmer on the lids. So, for the base colour, I chose a matte ivory shade (Urban Decay Bleach), applying it all over my lid and up to the brow bone. 

6) Warm up the eye and add a touch of glitz. To add subtle depth to the eye, I applied a nearly matte warm peachy pink (Urban Decay Minor Sin) to the crease of the eye, blending up towards the brow bone. Close inspection of Olivia's eye look reveals just a touch of glitter near the crease, so I also added a small dash of Urban Decay Sidecar just above the crease for a pop of festive glitter. 

7) Draw the guidelines for the winged liner. Time for the fun part- the liner! I was excited to hear that Olivia's makeup artist used my all-time favourite liquid liner on Oscars night- Revlon ColourStay Liquid Eye Pen in Blackest Black. I had this very liner on hand, so I put it to work! To start a dramatic winged liner, first draw a guideline, based on the desired length and angle of the liner. Olivia's liner was angled upward and seemed to extend to nearly the tip of her brow, so this is the shape and dimension I went for. It's always good to start more subtle, since you can always extend the line later!

8) Thicken the liner for extra drama! After the initial guideline was drawn, I thickened the liner by starting at the outer tip of the guideline and drawing back into the centre of the eye, gradually extending the liner to the inner corner. 

So it's #1, draw a guideline upwards and outward from the outer corner of the eye to create the length and angle of the winged liner and #2, start at the outer tip of guideline and draw inwards to thicken the liner

After the general shape is created, you can gradually thicken the liner further to its desired intensity! I love the felt-tipped applicator of Revlon ColourStay Liquid Eye Pen- it gives incredible precision!

9) Lots of lashes! It appears that Olivia was wearing false lashes on Oscars night, but since I'm rubbish at applying falsies, I opted for two bold coats of my favourite volumizing mascara, BeneFit They're Real! But by all means, if false lashes are up your alley, apply your favourite set after swiping on a coat of mascara. 

10) Add a pop of peach to your cheeks! Olivia's Oscars look featured a subtle, glowy-looking pinky peach blush. To emulate this look, I first applied some Stila Convertible Colour in Gerbera to the applies of my cheeks using a Real Techniques Stippling Blush. I find that starting with a cream blusher adds a lovely dewiness to the cheeks. To up the colour intensity slightly, I added a very light dusting of The Balm Frat Boy blush over top of Gerbera, blending it up to my temples. 

11) Pale out lips and add a peachy nude lipstick. Olivia's lips were quite nude in this look, courtesy of Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick in Pink Incognito. As this shade is not a member of my stash, I opted for the closest hue in my collection, YSL Rouge Volupte in Tender Peach, a pale mod nude peach. To up the paleness of this lipstick, I first applied some concealer on my lips (Hard Candy Glamouflage in Light) to start with an even base. 

And there you have it! The completed look! In only 11 easy steps, heehee. So maybe this wasn't the most concise of tutorials, but hopefully you found it fun and helpful!

Here's one more peek at Olivia's Oscars look, followed by a few more shots of my take:

And here's a peek at the key products used in creating this look:

Urban Decay Naked Palette, Urban Decay Shattered Face Case, YSL Rouge Volupte in Tender Peach, Revlon ColourStay Liquid Eye Pen in Blackest Black, Stila Convertible Colour in Gerbera, Real Techniques Stippling Brush, The Balm Frat Boy Blush, By Terry Cover Expert Foundation

Overall, I had such a fun time creating this look- and sporting it for the rest of the day! I've always been inspired by 1960's mod makeup, and Olivia wore it so well this year at the Oscars!

How do you think I did at re-creating this look? Is graphic winged liner up your alley?

Thanks so much for reading! xo


  1. love this look! think it's absolutely spot on ;)

    ♥ M&L twoplicates

  2. Fantastic! I love when you do Red Carpet and Oscar looks!

  3. Girrrrl you look fantastic! So spot on too! I love your step by step tutorials especially this little oscar series you do every year! Loving the winged liner - as you said, its very mod! I love that look :)

  4. Great job dear! Your make up looks exactly like hers, it's amazingly done :) and very well explained, with you it's impossible to miss a step ;) How about following each other via GFC/Bloglovin'/Instagram/FB page? I would love to :) just let me know on my blog and I'll make sure to follow back asap! Have a nice day babe xx
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  5. woah! this strong liner look (though not your usual) looks great on you!!! i actually quite like how glossy the liner is (some people don't) i think you captured her look perfectly :)
    A Beautiful Zen

  6. This look totally suits you :)! Loving the eyeliner work :)!


  7. You make liquid liner application look so easy! And as always, you look beautiful.

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  11. Wow, the final look is gorgeous on you! Perfect with the new haircut! <3 And you mimic Olivia's look to a t and outline the steps beautifully!

  12. You look gorgeous! I am obsessed with the color of that lipstick!

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  13. sooo nice<3

  14. Oh my goodness! So gorgeous! Loooooove the liner and lashes! Great tutorial by the way. It will definitely help me with my liner application.

  15. you look amazing <3
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    Lovely greets Ness

  17. Wow, such an amazing job, looks flawless. Love the eyeliner, would definitely try it, thanks for the tip on how to get started. You re-created it perfectly!


  18. You look stunning! I love the bold eyeliner and pinky cheeks. :D You did an amazing job recreating Olivia's look.


  19. 100% spot on with the look.
    You hair looks adorable!
    That is an amazing looking cat line... such talent Jen.

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    have a wonderful day!


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  26. This is so cool, thanks for sharing it darling!
    New post up on my blog, let me know what you think if you have time, I'll be happy to read your opinion =)

  27. Gorgeous! I love it! Your eyeliner skills are amazing! :)

  28. Both of you ARE GORGEOUS.
    (Everytime you post a look, I get a serious case of blush envy over here!)(But seriously, it's like you can pull off any look!)

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  30. You look beautiful! I just LOVE this make up, it's such a classic look and I thing everyone can look amazing with this xx


  31. You look so gorgeous with the bold cat eye, babe, a total glamor puss! And I love your hair too, you look very very sassy with it.;)

    I'm sorry I haven't been around much lately, but I've had tons of shit to deal with this past month but the most upsetting thing of them all is that my dog is sick and will need surgery and I'm just crushed. So I'm kind of out of it at the moment. But don't think I haven't been here in all this time, because I have and I must say I've especially enjoyed your sheet mask photos. And your boyfriend's too, of course.:D

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    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  35. You've really got lashes!


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