Thursday, 9 January 2014

NYC Photo Diary, Day 4!

Hi, everyone! It's been super fun sharing my Big Apple photos with you and today's post marks the final installment. To see shots from the first three days of the trip, click here, here, and here!

Day Four included trips to some fabulous downtown neighbourhoods, including Greenwich Village, SoHo, Chinatown, the Lower East Side and the Financial District. One of my favourite landmarks in the city is the Washington Square Arch, a towering monument nestled into the Village:

I also got to stop by one of the best beauty shops ever, Space.NK in Soho. Had a lovely little pamper and walked away with some luxurious goodies. More about this in a future post!

One of the first sights of our day was this adorable little snowman that someone had built on top of a mailbox. Unexpected and cute!

During our brief stop in Hell's Kitchen, I spotted the New York Times building, fighting the sun:

Then down to Greenwich, where Washington Square Park was blanketed in snow and the sky was exceptionally blue:

And another shot of the arch, with beautiful carvings and a nearby tree:

Few things are much better than French toast for lunch!

Then to SoHo where the architecture and cobblestone streets steal my heart every time (though the cobblestone was much buried in snow):

Some of the prettiest buildings I spotted:

Facing southward on Broadway, you can see the Woolworth building peeking out! And hey, Joe Fresh has made it to NYC!

Then over to Chinatown for a warm dinner! Hot soup fit the bill!

And spicy eggplant, mmmm.... :)

As we walked further south after dinner, we discovered a most unique cafe- one that draws cute kitties on their cups:

... and where the waitresses dress like maids! So random and super fun :)

Here was one of the uniforms:

Then we took a jaunt down to City Hall. It had beautiful arches and columns!

A closer shot of the Woolworth building, all lit up at nighttime:

And finally, a shot of the new World Trade Centre building. The new tallest building in the U.S.!

And there you have it! Our final chilly day in NYC. The trip was extra special for a few reasons, particularly because I'd never been to the Big Apple around Christmastime and mostly because I got to watch my boyfriend experience the city for the first time. It was a wonderful vacation!

Thanks for following this trip with me! Have a lovely weekend :)


  1. Your pics are gorgeous! I love New York! Looks like you had a great time!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing your pics!!

  3. Beautiful pictures! Enjoy the trip!


  4. Amazing photos. I love how NYC was both snowy & sunny. What a beautiful city.

  5. Great photos, I love those little cat drawings - I think I'd save every lid I ever got :o). Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  6. What a beautiful day :)! And of course lovely photos. And Space NK - guuurl, buy something nice ;)!


  7. Cool photos!!! I like NYC:) Today on my blog my favorite outfits: ) Which set do you like best? I invite and I greet: )

  8. You took such beautiful pictures. I went to New York last summer and miss it terribly.

    Dejhana | Waite a Little

  9. again looks like you had a great time.
    those maid cafes are weird. there's a lot of themed cafe's in japan (or so i've heard) and most play on men's fantasys and stereotypes of women. one of my male friends went to one and he felt weird about how subservant the wait staff were.

  10. Ah I'm so jealous I went to New York a few years ago in the summer and it was amazing, I can't even imagine how beautiful it was at this time of year

  11. Thanks for sharing pictures! Nice that you have snow, we still don`t have it in Europe, don`t know whether is good or bad :DD I mean - no snow in January?

    Haha, have a good day!


  12. Ahh, what a great trip!! Your pictures look AMAZING!!


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