Monday, 6 January 2014

NYC Photo Diary, Day 1!

Hi, everyone! Yesterday I returned from a four-day trip to New York City, my absolutely favourite place to visit. It is incredibly vibrant, diverse and so full of history and character. Really can't be matched! I thought I'd share a few shots from the trip with my blog readers. Hope you enjoy them!

Here are some pictures from Day 1 of the trip, which saw us arriving at the hotel (duh!) and venturing down to Coney Island. It was chilly and oh so fun!

Here's one of the coolest shots from the day, the legendary parachute jump on the water at Coney Island:

Backtrack a bit to the view from our hotel. We stayed in Tribeca and had a south-facing room. We got a great glimpse of the new World Trade Centre building: 

We also had a great view of the historic Woolworth Building, the tallest in North America when it was built: 

Seas of fire escapes are one of my favourite Big Apple sights, and we could take that in from our room as well:

Then we took a Brooklyn train down to Coney Island, which was such a sight to see! We arrived right at sunset, which was perfect timing!

One of the first landmarks we came across was the iconic Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs. Loved the neon lighting!

Then we walked down to the boardwalk, which was still bustling despite the frigid weather. The sunset was so beautiful! 

Here's the boyfriend and I, pretty pumped to be in NYC! 

And here he is with the parachute jump. It looked amazing all lit up!

The rides were shut down for the winter, and they looked quite beautiful and haunting all still and frozen:

And of course, before we headed back to Manhattan, we had to stop at Nathan's! They unfortunately didn't have any veggie dogs, but the delicious, greasy consolation prize was this basket of cheese fries. Nom nom nom... :)

And there you have it! Day 1 in NYC. Was so excited to make the trek down to Coney Island- it was a first for me! Can't say my stomach was happy with the cheese fries, but the trip was so worth it!

Stay tuned for more Big Apple shots in the coming days! 

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Thanks for reading! xo


  1. Looks like a fantastic trip! I'm jealous!

    Samantha xo

  2. Ahh, I'd love to go to NYC. Need to make it there at some point. Looks like such a fun place.

    Kah-Feh Yen | YSL Rouge Volupté Lipstick Giveaway

  3. I have been to NYC three times but never to Coney Island. Looks like fun, even though the amusement park is closed for the season.

    Améliorer la Vie

  4. That is really gorgeous!!! Nice trip!!! Did you visit Bellyhead? I need to visit NY soon!!! :D

    1. No, we didn't! Will have to check it out next time! :)

  5. Ooooh, I hope I'll see NYC one day, I really wanna :)! It seems like the best city ever and I love all the skyscrapers. And you and your boy look super cute! <3


  6. That's quite a bit to take in in 1 day! Gorgeous pictures!

  7. so nice photo and look fun :)

  8. lucky you!!! wonderful photos!
    and i love your coat!

    happy day!

  9. How amazing this is?!
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  10. I'm going to go to NYC soon. I've been once before but never visited Coney Island. Although the rides are closed now, your pictures look so eerily romantic that I might have to go and see for myself x

  11. Your pictures look beautiful!
    The picture of the sun set is stunning.
    Thanks for sharing!

  12. everyone raves about the nathan's hot dogs and my friend drove to the walmart in buffalo just to pick up a pack to bring back lol i ate one after...its a pretty good hot dog...have to agree

    1. Their cheese fries were perfectly delicious ;)

  13. Ah I miss New York. Never ventured to Coney Island but that sunset is amazing.


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