Friday, 29 April 2011

Two New Frugal Faves Under $10!

Although few things elicit a bigger endorphin rush than a luxurious makeup splurge, I also am always on the hunt for inexpensive items that pack the same excitement punch as their higher-end counterparts. Plus, on a grad student's budget, finding frugally-priced goodies is a necessity! Here are two fab items that I've purchased recently that I think you should all try:

Jason Naturals Cocoa Butter Hand and Body Lotion

I bought this body lotion a few weeks ago and I have to say it's one of the best I've ever tried! And especially given its wallet-friendly price of $4.49 CAD, this is hard to pass up. It comes of of the tube as a rich creme, but soaks into skin nearly instantly, leaving it feeling moisturized but not at all greasy, which will be perfect for summer. It leaves a beautiful light, sweet scent that lasts all day but isn't overpowering at all. I've even gotten compliments on the scent of it, including one from my boyfriend, who told me I smelled like vanilla candles. I think that's a good thing...? :) The only downsides to this product is that you probably won't be able to find it at every drug store, but it's certain to be in stock at any health food store you visit. Also, although it claims to be a "natural" product, it does contain ingredients like silicones, so if you're looking for a true organic product, this isn't it. Overall, though, I recommend this highly for anyone who likes rich, but non-greasy moisture and sweet, nutty scents. Check it out!

TokyoMilk Dark Lip Elixir in Cherry Bourbon

I purchased this recently at The Outer Layer on Bloor St., a store jam packed with quirky and divine smelling bath and body treats. I was instantly drawn to the sleek black tins, simultaneously gothic and whimsical. There were several morbidly-named flavours of Lip Elixir ($8.95 CAD) to choose from, including "Smoked Salt", "Absinthe", and "Dead Sexy", but I developed a soft spot for "Cherry Bourbon", which is said to have notes of cherry brandy, whiskey (probably why I liked it!), aged wood, and clove. It has a truly sweet and spicy scent that makes me want to re-apply it every 5 minutes! Check out all the flavours, and other products by this brand here:

Front of tin
Back of tin

For some reason, this won't post any other way than sideways! But click to enlarge (and tilt your head ;) to read the ingredients.

As you can see, the tin is quite large (about 3" wide) and the balm itself has a consistency somewhere in between creamy and waxy. It doesn't add any colour to the lips, but definitely leaves them feeling moisturized and plump. Can't wait to try some of the other flavours!

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