Thursday, 7 April 2011

Veracious Skincare Review: MAC Cleanse-Off Oil

Because I use a long-wearing foundation and a moisturizer with SPF, I've always struggled with finding a cleanser that thoroughly removes all of my makeup and sunscreen. With most cleansers I've tried, I'll wash my face twice in the evening and still find traces of makeup on my toner-soaked cotton pad afterwards. Not effective! Thus, most nights I'm suspicious that my skin is not totally clean when I'm going to bed, and am fearing that my recent breakouts have been a result of this.

I've always heard that oil-based cleansers are the most effective at removing heavy makeup and sunscreen, but I've been wary of them, particularly because of the ingrained association that oil leads to breakouts. Also, I have dared to try a few oil cleansers in the past, and they have either left me feeling greasy afterwards or have caused me to wake up the next day with a fresh batch of clogged pores or blemishes. Despite these negative experiences, I've been doing some more research lately into which cleansing oils are best for my skin type: combination/oily, sensitive, and acne-prone.

After much research, I decided to face my fear of cleansing oils and purchased MAC's Cleanse-Off Oil ($29 CAD at MAC counters and stores). I'd read so many rave reviews of  this product, many from those with acne-prone skin, all claiming that it was gentle, effective, and did not lead to breakouts. That's why I had to give it a try.

MAC Cleanse-Off Oil
As you can see, the product is a clear oil-based liquid that comes with convenient pump packaging. The directions say to "gently massage" the oil over your face and to then "rinse off thoroughly". When I've used it, I dispense two pumps' worth into my dry hands and massage it onto my dry face. I find cleansers are more effective at removing makeup when skin is dry, so that's what I stick with! After massaging it in, I wet my hands slightly and it starts to form a milky finish on my skin. Then I rinse if off with warm water. And that's it!

Back of the box with directions

I've used this cleanser for the past few nights, and here are my thoughts so far:

  • Using two pumps, this really removes ALL of my makeup, including my long-wearing foundation and mascara! When I use a toner afterward, no excess makeup shows up on the cotton pad.
  • It does not leave my face feeling greasy afterwards. No oily residue at all!
  • Light, pleasant scent that is not overpowering
  • Does not cause any redness or irritation in my skin
  • Does not burn or irritate my eyes
  • Hygienic pump packaging
  • At $29, this is quite an expensive product
  • It contains a few ingredients that are known to be fairly comedogenic (pore-clogging), such as wheat germ oil (see ingredient list below), but luckily so far has not caused any new breakouts
  • It actually leaves my face somewhat dry and tight, but is easily fixed with using a toner afterwards

Slightly blurry picture of the ingredient list

So, overall I'm very happy with this product so far. It truly removes all makeup without leaving a greasy residue, which is exactly what I was looking for! As with most new skincare products I try, I'm "waiting for the other shoe to drop", that is, soon come to realize that this is breaking me out. So far this is not the case, and I will keep my fingers crossed that this trend will continue :)

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I use the Aveda shammy cloth for my face cleansing ritual, and it really helps to gently remove any excess make-up that occasionally gets left behind. You might want to give it a try ... it's pretty cheap and long-lasting, and really does leave your skin feeling ultra-clean!


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