Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Product Review: NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil in Baroque

NARS Promo Pic for Velvet Gloss Pencils- Spring 2011
I thought my first review would be for a product that I bought recently and am absolutely loving. New for Spring 2011, NARS released a collection of Velvet Gloss Lip Pencils, the shinier cousin of their popular Velvet Matte pencils. I was instantly drawn to their display at Holt Renfrew ($30 CAD; also available at Sephora), a row of sleek-looking black pencils offering full colour and a glossy finish.  
NARS Velvet Gloss Pencil in Baroque
Bad lighting (still working out my camera settings!), but you can see it's been well-used already!

There were six shades to choose from, ranging from nude peach to muted grape. After giving them the once over, I opted to test out Baroque, a rich raspberry hue with golden shimmer. I was hooked from first swipe. Who knew you could get such rich, glossy colour from a pencil?! The texture is smooth and moisturizing, and can be worn fairly sheer or layered for a more opaque look.  
Dorky pic of me wearing Baroque. Paired with NARS Deep Throat blush.
The colour is a bit more intense than what I like to wear on a daily basis, but with a quick blot the tone easily subdues without losing its glossy finish.
The only downside to this product (aside from the price!) is that the lasting power isn’t the greatest. After about an hour, much of the colour and shine has dissipated. No huge complaints about this, though, as it is not advertised as a long-wearing product – and because applying it is so fun (and convenient!).  
As a cheat sheet, here’s a summary of the product’s strengths and drawbacks:
·         Rich colour and creamy texture
·         Truly glossy finish, unexpected from a pencil
·         Shimmer is not over the top, and is suitable for daytime wear
·         Convenient, portable packaging and easy to apply
·         Hefty price tag!
·         Weak staying power
·         Does not come with a jumbo sharpener. NARS sells one for $8, but more affordable versions would work just as well.

Overall, can’t wait to try other pencils from this line (when my wallet allows!). I’ve been eyeing New Lover, a pretty, gilded strawberry pink shade. But that’s for another review! Hope you all find this helpful and informative!


  1. Fab review! I tend to shy away from glosses because I hate the sticky finish they leave (and the inevitability of my hair sticking to my lips). Does this pencil have a sticky after-feel, or is it smooth sailing? I'd totally dig a non-sticky gloss pencil, and I'd be all over this in a coral shade!

  2. Thanks, Sheri! I'd say it's only moderately sticky. Definitely less so than MAC Lipglass or anything Juicy Tubes-ish. And the texture is fairly sheer (not thick or gloopy), so I can't see hair ever sticking to it. That's a pet peeve for me too!


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