Thursday, 17 March 2011

Fearless Spring Trend: Vibrant Lipstick

Riding on the coattails of my last post, I thought I'd share some ideas inspired by my favourite spring makeup trend: striking, vibrant lips. Bold oranges, fuchsias, and corals have been seen on the runways and streets alike and, luckily, this is a trend I fully support! I've always loved the look of a bold lip paired with lush lashes and an otherwise subdued face. Simultaneously edgy and classic. And what better way to celebrate the arrival of spring? I'm hoping the pictures below will demonstrate that this trend encompasses a variety of (surprisingly wearable) shades and at prices suited for any budget.

L-R: Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick in Boudoir, MAC lipstick in Lickable, Revlon Moondrops lipstick in Blase Apricot, Revlon Moondrops lipstick in Orange Flip
Closeups: Revlon Orange Flip (L) and Blase Apricot (R)

Closeups: Chanel Boudoir (L) and MAC Lickable (R)
The four lipsticks above are among my favourite vibrant lipsticks for spring. Ranging from fuchsia to apricot, they all pack a serious colour punch and have relatively opaque formulas. For those of you who prefer gloss (which is actually a great way to wear brights more sheerly, for those who are colour shy), I'm devoting my next post to vibrant glosses, so stay tuned!

I tried to take these pictures with as accurate colour representation as possible. If anything, these pictures wash out the colours a bit, so they're slightly bolder in person. Here are pictures of what the Revlon lipsticks (approx. $10 CAD at Shoppers Drug Mart) look like on me (I have a MAC NC20 skintone and fairly non-pigmented lips):

Revlon Blase Apricot

Revlon Orange Flip
I love the colour of Orange Flip, but I find it's a bit too bold for everyday wear (even for me!). In testing various lipstick concoctions, I've found that it looks wonderful layered with MAC Lickable ($17.50 CAD, at MAC stores). Here's what that looks like:

Revlon Orange Flip topped with MAC Lickable (no flash)

Orange Flip + Lickable (with flash)
As you can see, layering the two brightens it a bit, and gives it a pinkier shade that makes it more wearable (at least for my skintone). Fuchsia-toned lipsticks are a great choice for every skintone, because most are a nice balance of warm and cool tones. For those with warmer, more yellow undertones, coral and orange shades are your best bet. And really, these are general guidelines- the most accurate (and most fun!) way to know for sure is to try them out for yourself! Enjoy :)

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  1. I got a pedicure yesterday and the new spring line of OPI polish were filled with ORANGES & BRIGHT PINKS! (their new Texas line). I have bright orange toes right now!!! I was loving it! :) :) Looks like it's gonna be a bright and colourful Spring!!! :) :)
    - JMF


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