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Tackling Oily Skin, Naturally, with Odacite's Try Me Kit

Hi, everyone! There's no appealing way to put it: my skin has been ultra oily lately. I fear the culprits to be both hormonal and weather changes, but regardless of the cause, it's a bit of an annoying reality to face. My skin has always been on the combination to oily side, but over the past couple of years, I've typically been able to get through a day with very minimal blotting or powder touch-ups. The past month, though? Oil slick city. In my teenage years, I would have tackled such a conundrum with harsh stripping products, but this 30-something skin care veteran knows better. This time around, I opted for products that are just as potent, but also ultra natural and skin-friendly. Enter the Odacite Pimples + Oily/Combination Ultimate Skin Remedy Try Me Kit

If you've been following the blog over the past year and a half, you'll know that Odacite has quickly risen in my ranks of most-loved skin care brands. The ingredients are potent and pure and their products never cease to keep my skin clear, calm, and glowing. Odacite is the brainchild of Valerie Grandury (also the founder of the Detox Market) who, after a battle with cancer, decided to embark on creating skin care that was equally pure, safe, and effective. Top-notch ingredients are sourced from all around the world and products are 100% without parabens, nanoparticles, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, and dyes. The range has a relatively steep price range to match its luxurious ingredients, but I've found all of their products to be totally worth it! You can read previous reviews of Odacite products here, here, herehere, and here). 

Perhaps the most popular of Odacite's products are their Serum Concentrates- ultra-concentrated oil-based boosters that are meant to be applied as potent serums or blended with other skin care products to heighten their effects. There are an impressive 18 options in the range, which is both exciting and daunting- where to start? These new Try MeKits are truly perfect for someone who wants to test the brand according to their skin type before splurging on a full size. There are four different Discovery Kits, but given my current skin plight, I quickly snagged the Pimples + Oily/Combination Skin option. 

Each of the kits comes in a cute, reusable metal tin with a clear window on the front that allows you to see the products inside. On the back is the brand's Table of Serum Concentrates (love the science-y feel of the chart), which outlines all of their Serum Concentrates by skin concerns. It also includes a full ingredient listing of the moisturizer inside (more on that below) as well as directions for using the kit. 

So what's exactly in this set? It contains a small bottle of the brand's new(ish) Oleosomes Time Release Delivery Creme and 4 mini Serum Concentrates and retails for $37.50 CAD. A bit more info on each:

Oleosomes Time Release Delivery Creme
On the surface, this is a basic, no-frills moisturizer: no real scent, not too rich, not too heavy. But the science behind it is so neat! Oleosomes are included to allow the cream and its potent actives (e.g., hyaluronic acid, calendula, wild carrot oil, aloe, green tea) to be delivered gradually throughout the day. I have to say this is a really lovely moisturizer! Given my ultra-oily skin at the moment, I do find it a bit rich for daytime, but it's great as a night cream and I'm sure would be perfect for colder months. It doesn't break me out one bit and leaves my skin plump and hydrated! 

Black Cumin+Cajeput Serum Concentrate
This treatment oil is the Pimples Booster and is designed to treat areas of the skin prone to breakouts. Given that it's not recommended for sensitive skin, I cannot apply this all over, but when I get a nasty cystic breakout this really works to shrink things down! As a spot treatment, it helps my larger pimples heal really quickly and I love the deep, earthy scent.

Peach+Cyprus Serum Concentrate
This oil is the Combination Skin Booster and is designed to balance oil production with a lightweight, antiseptic, and gently astringent formula. For me, this was the dud of the set. I didn't find it to control oil well at all (perhaps a couple months ago it would have, but not now) and the scent isn't quite as nice as many of the others I've tried. Nothing terrible about it, just didn't stand out to me!

Jojoba+Lavender Serum Concentrate
This oil is the Clogged Pores Booster and is a longtime favourite of mine. Jojoba oil is quite close to the skin's natural sebum, so is great for non-pore-clogging hydration. I've gone through three bottles already. I use it at night and it always works wonders to keep my skin both clear and calm. The lavender scent is wonderfully soothing for bedtime too! I will use this little bottle the next time I travel. 

Grapefruit+Geranium Serum Concentrate
This oil is the Oily+Acne-Prone Booster and consists of ingredients that are antimicrobial, lightweight, and disinfecting on the skin. It promises to control oil while treating current breakouts and preventing future eruptions. For me, this was the pleasant surprise of the bunch! I'd sampled it in the past and found it slightly irritating, but this time around, it worked wonderfully! When mixed or layered with my daytime serum, this really did help control oil throughout the day, caused no irritation, and smelled so wonderfully invigorating. I will be purchasing a full bottle soon! 

Super happy that I picked up this little set, as it helped me discover a new cold-weather moisturizer to snag in wintertime (the Oleosomes Time Release Delivery Creme), a new favourite that gently keeps my oily skin in check (the Grapefruit+Geranium Serum Concentrate), and an all-natural pimple buster (the Black Cumin+Cajeput Serum Concentrate). Plus, I got a little vial of my beloved Jo+L for travel, so no complaints!

In addition to this kit, Odacite offers Discovery Kits for Dry/Mature, Tired/Dull, and Sensitive Skins. You can find them all at the Detox Market, here!

What are your favourite skin care products for oily/combination/breakout-prone skin? Have you tried anything from Odacite? Fave natural skin care products of the moment?

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week! xo


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  1. Great post. So lovely!

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  2. This sounds and looks so luxurious!! I love the kit and how well the lavender serum performs! Lavender is my favourite essential oil and find it helps in times of stress or break outs x

    Jenny | Krystel Couture + Giveaway

    1. If you love lavender, I'd so recommend the Jo+L serum- it works wonders for my skin :)

  3. I have perpetually oily skin, and it's hard to find products designed for oily skin that aren't too stripping. The geranium one would have been perfect except for the fact I'm allergic to geranium (one of the weird things you learn after working in a garden centre). It's becoming so popular, which is getting annoying. Maybe something else from the range will be great!

    Katherine || The Green Bows

    1. Ah, boo to allergies- but I get it- my skin is super finicky too! You might totally love the Jojoba+Lavender serum- it really keeps my skin balanced!! :)


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