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Deciem Trials and Wishes, ft. Niod, Hylamide, Fountain, and more!

Hi, everyone! Hope you're all having a fab weekend! If you saw my last post, you'll know that I was lucky enough to visit Deciem's Toronto factory (also their Canadian HQ) this past Monday. Not only did I get to  peek behind the scenes and witness development, production, and packaging, I got to spend about 45 minutes with my tour guides learning about products in a fun, informative, hands-on sort of way. Just how I like it! 

In playing with all of the goodies, I got to experience several products that I'd been curious about, as well as gain a new-found craving for some items that had not been on my radar. These items heralded from Deciem brands Niod, Hylamide, Fountain, Hand Chemistry, and hif and included everything from conditioning shampoo to self-tanner to anti-aging serums. 

Upon leaving the factory, I was given a lovely selection of products to test and was also left with an ever-growing wishlist of goodies to try in the near future. I thought I'd share with you a breakdown of what I'm currently testing as well as those Deciem items that I have my eye on next. 

Currently Testing
I plan to write more thorough reviews of some of these products in the future (once I've given them a proper test), but for now, here are my first impressions and a bit of info about each!

Niod Sanskrit Saponins**
This was the product I was most excited to test and was so thrilled to have received one! I am a huge sucker for blending ancient wisdom with a modern aesthetic, and Sanskrit Saponins embodies that combination perfectly. Part of Niod's new (and hopefully expanding) yesti range, Sanskrit Saponins is a deep cleanser that utilizes potent, unrefined plant surfectants inspired by Ayurvedic traditions. It feels so creamy and comfortable on the skin, but leaves my complexion feeling sooooo clean. I'm in love! 

Superoxide Dismutase Saccharide Mist**
This is Niod's newest product and I was way eager to give it a go! (Plus, the name sounds super complicated and nerdy, which I of course adore). I love a good face mist, and this one is adamant in asserting that it is not a toner, but rather is a "dermal treatment mist" that protects against oxidative damage, dehydration, and irritation. Like most of Niod's products, this aims for long-term benefits (rather than any quick, but superficial effects), but it has been a pleasure to use so far! My skin has been looking quite calm these days and the generously-sized bottle lets me be liberal with my spritzes :)

Hand Chemistry Glow Oil**
Just in time for my trip to Muskoka next weekend came this lovely little product. It smells like peaches and leaves my skin with the most beautiful golden sheen. It has also done a great job at creating a gradual, natural tanning effect on my ultra fair skin and feels totally non-greasy once absorbed. 

Niod Photography Fluid Opacity 12%**
This has become such a cult product and I'm so thrilled to be testing it! This multi-tasker works to correct uneven skin tone, add radiance, blur imperfections, and refract light so that your skin looks its best, particularly in photographs. I've worn it a few times so far and am ultra impressed! It gives my skin the most amazing glow, allows me to wear less foundation, and even seems to control oil a touch. An all-around winner! 

Fountain The Energy Molecule** and The Hyaluronic Molecule**
I am ultra lazy when it comes to taking vitamins, but something about these cute, cheery liquid supplements has me devout. The Energy Molecule has an orange flavour and is packed with vitamin B12, creatine, and hyaluronic acid to energize, balance, and hydrate. The Hyaluronic Molecule tastes like ginger (so zingy!) and is designed to hydrate and plump skin from the inside out. Both are vegan and super easy to use! 

The Wishlist
And here are some Deciem products that are next up on my must-try list! 

Hylamide Matte 12
My skin has been ultra oily of late and I completely appreciate this product's promise of mattifying without stripping the skin. It doesn't contain any of the parching ingredients (like talk, starch, and chalk- yes, chalk!) that other mattifying primers have and feels ultra smooth on the skin! 

Niod Non-Acid Acid Precursor 15%
I love me a good exfoliant, but many acids (glycolic especially) can leave my skin a bit irritated and unhappy. This unique offering uses fermentation bio-derivatives and amino isolates (science!) to keep skin texture even and appearing glowing. It has been proven as non-irritating, so my sensitive skin is way eager to test this! 

Niod Hydration Vaccine
Having oily skin, I rarely gravitate towards heavier mositurizers, but something about the Hydration Vaccine won me over. It has the texture of honey, but feels completely smooth, lightweight, and non-sticky once massaged into the skin. It's designed to be used as a final skin care step to seal in the benefits of everything you've used prior as well as to prevent moisture loss throughout the day. This would be a wonder for my Winter skin! 

And a few more that I didn't photograph....

Niod Flavanone Mud
I am so incredibly interested in this unique mask! It not only deeply cleans the skin, but also protects the complexion from aggressors and helps it to heal from the inside out. A true multitasker that goes far beyond your typical mud mask. 

Niod Low-Viscosity Cleaning Ester
A quick, simple way to remove makeup that leaves skin hydrated, balanced, and non-greasy. Typical micellar waters have never impressed me all that much, but I have high hopes for this ester-based cleaner!

Hand Chemistry Retin-Oil
My tour guide Eric told me that this could also be used on the face and has worked wonders to keep his skin glowing and free from acne. Enough said! 

Fountain the Super Green Molecule and the Geek Molecule
I have to admit: I'm a vegetarian that doesn't eat enough greens. While I still of course aim to incorporate more veggies into my daily diet, the Super Green Molecule would help on those days where my food intake has been rather, well, beige. I also suffer from a bit of brain fog and distractibility at work, so the Geek Molecule would be a lifesaver in my office! 

hif Blonde Hue Support
hif now makes treatments to enhance hair colour! There are so many beautiful options in the range to choose from, but a shampoo and conditioner in one that brightens and lightens my naturally blonde hair? Sounds like a perfect place to start! 

I've been praised (and cursed) for my enabling skills, and I hope I've done just that here! Deciem's massive range of products are so worth checking out, so I'll be glad if I've inspired you to take a peek!

As I mentioned above, I am planning to write more thorough reviews of some of these products after further testing- feel free to let me know if you have any requests!!

Have you tried any products from Deciem? Any favourites? Which item above tempts you most?

Thanks for stopping by! xo


**These products were given to me as PR samples for consideration and review. All opinions expressed in this post are 100% authentic and my own. 


  1. I was really glad to read this review, as it cleared up the line for me a bit. I've read about some of their products before, but when I checked out their website I found it a bit confusing. You've shown me quite a few products that I can see myself ordering to try! Thank you!

    1. Yeah, their product range is huge and can be overwhelming! Glad I gave you some direction :)

  2. I was really glad to read this review, as it cleared up the line for me a bit. I've read about some of their products before, but when I checked out their website I found it a bit confusing. You've shown me quite a few products that I can see myself ordering to try! Thank you!

  3. Their NIOD line is the most fascinating to me because us skincare geeks can dive in like the crazies we are and are not afraid to mix it up! I have been using hif to maintain my blonde balayage and it is one of the nicest purple conditioners I have ever used! Smells so good and super moisturizing!

    1. Same! The geek in me is totally fascinated with Niod and I'm super eager to give hif a try :)

  4. Great post! Now I want to buy everything - the Niod Photography Fluid Opacity 12% sounds particularly amazing. I didn't really know much about these brands before reading your post so I'm excited to check them out!


    1. Yay- glad I've inspired you to try some products out! The Photography Fluid really is amazing!

  5. I wish I reached out to them when I was in Toronto but had no time! I've been wanting to try the Niod Photography Fluid Opacity, I saw it at Urban Outfitters when I was walking around and read some reviews at home but haven't gone back to get it yet!

    Macarons and Mischief

    1. The Photography Fluid is so worth checking out! I'm sure you'll love it :)

  6. Great post. So lovely!

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  7. The Hydration Vaccine is awesome. I've been using it since January and it's really helped my skin so much. I love that it is so thick, without being greasy and doesn't bead up under makeup.

    1. Ooh, glad you've been loving the Hydration Vaccine- also great to know it wears well under makeup :)

  8. Ooh that mist! I'm all about mists this summer. With the heat they just feel so nice on the skin, and when they have added benefits I'm all over them!

    1. I am a huge sucker for a face mist! This one not only feels refreshing in the moment, but has some pretty great long-term skin benefits too!

  9. Hylamide is a brand that recently came under my radar as a fellow beauty blogger is in love with the primer. Seriously need to place an order soon.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Totally! I also need to try a Hylamide primer, pronto! :)

  10. I love the Hylamide Matte 12 and definitely recommend the Niod Flavanone mask :) the Deciem brands have so many amazing products, I can't wait to discover more!

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty


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