Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Skin Care Week #2: My Evening Routine!

Hi, everyone! If you caught my last post, you'll know that Skin Care Week is underway! I've been tinkering with my skin care routine for awhile and finally have it down to a regular lineup that my skin is really loving. Sunday's post was all about my Morning Skin Care Routine and today I share with you my evening roster!

For a full description of my skin type you can check out my Morning Routine, but here's the lowdown: My skin is combination to oily, acne-prone, sensitive, and prone to pigmentation and redness. I can't guarantee that the products below will love your skin as they do mine, but hopefully I can introduce you to a product or brand that piques your interest!

Shu Uemura Whitefficient Brightening Gentle Cleansing Oil
 I've been a long-time devotee to the Shu  Uemura High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil (the yellow formula), but thought I'd give the Brightening version a try since my complexion always needs a boost! I haven't been using this long enough to notice any skin-whitening effects, but I can say that it's just as effective at removing all traces of makeup without leaving a residue or breaking me out. So far, so good!

REN ClearCalm3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser
As mentioned in my Morning Routine post, I purchased this fantastic cleanser in my recent Tax Return Haul - so happy I did! This cleanser has everything my skin needs. It is creamy, gentle, and soothing, which my sensitive complexion loves, has gentle exfoliating ingredients (including lactic acid) to smooth skin and clear pores, and an earthy clay base to really deep clean. A perfect balance of nature and science! This isn't the best at removing makeup, but is super effective at cleansing the skin post-makeup removal. Can't get enough of this one!

Thayers Rose Petal and Witch Hazel Alcohol-Free Toner
I'm a bit of a toner floozy, but I always come back to Thayers' offerings. The alcohol-free base means zero irritation to my sensitive skin, the witch hazel deep cleans, and the aloe gently hydrates. My complexion loves this combination! This version includes rose flower water and has a matching, feminine rosy scent and fantastic extra soothing powers. This works wonders at removing the final traces of makeup and cleanser without stripping or aggravating my skin. It's the best!

Jurlique Calendula Redness Rescue Calming Mist
This is another new and absolutely lovely addition to my skin care lineup. This is my first-ever Jurlique product and it certainly has me eager to try more! As in the morning, I use this toner as the final, refreshing step before applying hydrating products. This toning mist is instantly soothing, minimizes redness, smells of fresh cucumbers, and never leaves my skin feeling tight. A true wonder!

Pai Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil
I was lucky enough to receive this free as part of an amazing promotion from Fresh Faced at the Green + Good Pop-Up shop last month. Everything about this treatment is perfection. It has a rich, earthy, almost dark cocoa-like scent and leaves my skin glowing both instantly as well as the next morning. It contains trans-retinoic acid to give the skin a healthy dose of regenerating Vitamin A and promises to be the most concentrated Rosehip oil on the market! It also claims to promote skin firmness and elasticity, improve the appearance of pigmentation and scarring, and deeply hydrate. It really does all of this and has never irritated my skin in any way. The perfect pre-sleep pamper!

And of course I couldn't stage a photo shoot without Sadie getting in the thick of things :)

So there it is, my evening skin care routine! In tandem, these products work wonderfully to remove all traces of my long-wear makeup, deep clean my skin, refresh the complexion, and treat it perfectly. Each has a lovely scent and texture and keeps my finicky skin even and clear. So satisfied with all of them!

What products do you use in  your evening routine? Have you tried any of the brands or products I've featured here?

Thanks for dropping by, and check out the current face masks in my rotation coming up soon! xo


  1. Love REN products x

  2. i feel like i need to do a skincare post again. i haven't done one in a while. i'd like to see how that jurlique works in the long term. i have a dermalogica redness reducing toner and its nice but i'm so bad at spotting effects for my skin.
    A Beautiful Zen

  3. That REN cleanser is seriously the shiz! I've had it a couple of times, and I absolutely loved it! Great post series :)!


    1. Thanks, Gita! The REN really is fabulous :)

  4. Great products :)


  5. My skin kind is different normal and sometimes a little bit dry, I would love to find out what kind of products are perfect for me!
    Fabrizia – Cosa Mi Metto???

  6. I use Soap & Glory's Face Soap & Clarity to cleanse, Lush's Tea Tree Water to tone and Soap & Glory's Wish Upon A Jar as my night cream, plus Lush's Enchanted Eye Cream :) I'd love to incorporate a serum or a facial oil but I have no idea where it would fit in! x

    1. Sounds like a nice routine! I love Tea Tree water :)

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  8. These are all new brands to me, which is exciting! I love learning about new products. I want to try Shu Uemura, it's one that I keep hearing good things about!

    1. Shu is definitely fab! Pricey, but the best I've tried! xo

  9. The Shu Uemura bottle is so pretty! Thanks for sharing your routine :)


  10. I know the Thayers toner is a staple for a lot of people, I should really check it out, I don't think we can buy it in Aus but I know we can get it online! Same goes for the Pai Rose hip oil, I really want to try it!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. Both are so worth it! Effective, but gentle :)

  11. The biogenerate oil sounds so great! I love how I've never tried any of these brands, and your skin type sounds just like mine so I'm definitely going to give these a go! x


  12. I'm very intrigued by the Thayers toner! I love Rose and Witch Hazel (on spotty days) and this sounds like a bliss!

    9 out of ten | find and follow me on bloglovin

  13. great product review sweety!
    have a wonderful day!


  14. great post.i really want to try the rose petal toner.


  15. Delighted to know what you use to get that gorgeous clear skin of yours!

  16. Oh hey Sadie!!

    I had to stop using the Shu oil, it broke me out so badly-I think it's the mineral oil in it. I've used the same Ren cleanser and really enjoyed it too!

    Stacey Expat Make-Up Addict xx

  17. Now I'm very curious about the toner, it sounds really nice. :-)


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