Monday, 30 May 2011

Yay for Birthdays (and Makeup-filled presents)!

Hi, everyone! It feels like it's been forever since I've written an entry, so I guess it's about time! One reason for the delay was that I travelled to Windsor this past weekend to celebrate my 28th birthday. The dismay associated with inching closer to 30 was greatly outweighed by all of the hugs, well-wishes, and laughs that I shared over the past few days. I feel very lucky!

And another reason for my gratitude was the makeup-filled gift that my sister gave me this year. She really picked out some wonderful goodies, so I thought I'd feature them here.

The first is Revlon's ColourBurst Lip Gloss in Strawberry. It's a beautiful sheer berry pink that goes on smoothly with a completely non-sticky finish. It doesn't have the best staying power, but the colour and texture are fabulous! This will be one of my summer staples for sure.

Revlon ColourBurst Lip Gloss in Strawberry

Revlon Strawberry Gloss on my lips. Makes them full and shiny!

The second item is MAC's eyeshadow in Star Violet. It's a unique mix of purple, brown, and gold, which looks great with my brown eyes! It applies very smoothly and is super pigmented. I look forward to pairing it with other purples, browns, and with golds and oranges for an interesting contrast effect.

MAC Eyeshadow in Star Violet
Star Violet used in the crease. My brow looks a bit funky here, but this is a pretty accurate depiction of how Star Violet shows up on my NC20 skin

My sister also bought me Hard Candy's Painted Lady Lip Colour in Perfect 10 (#183). I'd hear raves about this shade, and I wasn't disappointed, especially with a price tag less than $10. I have a really difficult time wearing nude shades of lipsticks because they tend to wash me out. Nothing cute about looking ghastly! Perfect 10 is a "perfect" solution for anyone who's in the same boat. It's definitely a nude shade, but is so sheer (and slightly glossy) that it leaves no trace of the erased, concealer lips look. It leaves your lips looking like themselves, but with a sheer, caramel-like glaze. Love it!

Hard Candy's Painted Lady Lip Colour in Perfect 10

Finally, I was treated to Hard Candy's Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer. I haven't had a chance to test this out yet, but I've heard nothing but good things about it. It's supposed to cover all sorts of dark shadows and blemishes without looking cakey. Plus, the tube is huge and it costs less than $10, so you can't go wrong!

And here's a makeup look I did, using Star Violet and Strawberry ColourBurst gloss. Perfectly vivacious!

Thanks for reading, and thanks again to my sister for spoiling me with this gift! 


  1. Happy, Happy Belated Birthday, Jen! Sounds like you had an awesome time, and your birthday treats from your sis are lovely, indeed! Here's to a great 28th year, filled with happiness and health.
    Best wishes from all of us!

  2. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes, Sarah! It means a lot :) Yes, the weekend was tons of fun. Adam came down to Windsor for the first time, so it was a thrill to see him meet all my friends and get acquainted with the city I grew up in. We had a blast! Hope to see you, Tony, and Dolly sometime soon!

  3. Hey, any pics of the Hard Candy's Painted Lady Lip Colour in Perfect 10? Or does it just look like lips? :)

  4. I wish I did! I've been having a hard time taking a picture that truly represents the colour. It gives a colour a bit lighter than my lips- like a carmel-pinky glaze- but is sheer enough so that my natural lip colour can show through and isn't totally blotted out. Does this make sense? :)

  5. Hi Jen, I'm glad you came home and had such a great birthday here and that you loved the goodies that Karen bought you. Dad sure loved it that you and Adam could see his band perform at the casino. Everyone was thrilled to share in the festivities for your special day. Mom


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