Saturday, 1 October 2016

Back to the Future with Niod!

Hi, everyone! If you're a regular reader of the blog, you'll know that I'm properly obsessed with skin care. And if you've been stopping by of late, you'll know one of my recent fascinations is Niod. Niod, short for Non-Invasive Options in Dermal Science, is part of the Deciem umbrella of brands, born right here in Toronto! Niod's tagline is "Skincare for the Hyper-Educated" as it's all about products including high-tech, science-driven ingredients that might just sound a bit confusing or nerdy to the average consumer. I am a skin care geek at heart, so the brand is right up my alley!

So  why the 80s movie reference and Delorean-turned-time machine? It's because Niod is a bit of a paradox. The brand's aim for effective, results-driven skin care not only taps into the most futuristic technology and forumas but, more recently. has begun using ancient, traditional techniques in their Yesti range. Yesti's motto is "ahead is not further than behind", touting that true learning involves not only innovation, but also looking backward to history and gaining wisdom from our past. Niod promises that their Yesti products are not created at a lower standard, but instead shine the spotlight on ancient formulations that deserve some love and attention.

So with this exciting paradox at the forefront, I have a pair of Niod products to rave about- an ultra futuristic face mist and a cleanser rooted in ancient, Ayurvedic tradition. 

First up we have the Niod Superoxide Dismutase Saccharide Mist (SDSM)** ($50 CAD)- quite the mouthful!- a next-gen face mist designed to hydrate and protect the skin. The brand is quick to explain that this is not a toner, but rather a multi-tasking treatment that prevents against water loss, oxidative stress, and inflammation. 

The ingredients behind this formula sounds as intense as its name- but let's try to break it down! The first star is Yeast-Derived Superoxide Dismutase, which is inherent in each cell as a natural warrior against oxidation. As such, it's super capable of fighting inflammation! The next key facet is Purified North American Four O'Clock Flower, which also works to reduce the appearance of inflammation. Finally, SDSM has Marine Exopolysaccharides (say that 10 times fast), which is a fermented ingredient designed to fight against water loss in the skin, even in super low temperatures!

What's my experience with SDSM? It's fab stuff! It's not the kind of face mist that gives instant gratification- it doesn't impart a glow, nor does it smell like anything special. What it does instead is make my skin feel immediately plump and soothed. I use it each morning to fight against the aggressors of big city living and also spritz it on my neck and chest post-shower. It really seems to have reduced the look of wrinkles there! 

Next up we have a product with an equally puzzling name but totally different aim and aesthetic! Niod Sanskrit Saponins (SS)** ($29 CAD) is a facial cleaner (Niod prefers that term over cleanser, which it regards as pretentious) based in Ayervedic healing. SS is a thick balm that cleans without any synthetic surfectants, sulfates, oils, esthers, or micellar particles. Instead, it relies on concentrated, unrefined plant-based surfectants that suspend the amino acid Lysine in saponins from the shikaki and mukorossi plants. Exotic, indeed! 

This product was designed because the rise of cleansing oils have shifted the focus onto removing makeup rather than properly cleaning and purifying the skin, while newer "second cleansers" can be stripping and irritating via the use of acids and and alcohols. Instead, SS relies on saponins that deeply clean the pores and remove dead skin cells without causing peeling. It also aims to remove sebum without stripping the skin and promises to address impurities, blemishes, and congestion over time.

I am totally in love with this product! It's thick, creamy, and smells rich, herbal, and soothing- some days like dirt, others more like freshly baking bread or maple syrup. It's hard to pin down, but I like it! It feels luxe and gentle on the skin, but also acts like a vacuum that leaves my face feeling so, so clean and soft. It's such a satisfying sensation for my oily skin- completely clean, but not at all dry or tight. It's truly unique! 

While these two products could not be more different, they both characterize the Niod brand well and work so wonderfully together! SS leaves my skin so clean and soft and SDSM feels like ultra plumping protection for my face. This duo really proves that whether we're taking our technology from modern research labs or from the ancients, if you find a formula that works, use it! 

You can find these products and more from Niod, here!!

Have an amazing weekend! xo


**These products were given to me by Deciem as PR samples for consideration and review. All opinions expressed are 100% authentic and my own!


  1. Wow both of these sound so amazing. Niod and Deciem products in general always get my beauty-geek seems tingling with their innovative ingredients!

  2. I placed an order with Deciem recently and will be receiving the products next week! I didn't spend a boatload of money though as I bought to try their latest brand, The Ordinary and a primer. Fingers crossed I will like them!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Ah, I really hope you do! Can't wait to hear your thoughts :)

  3. I need to try some of these products because I have yet to try ANY and so many people rave about them xx

    Beautylymin| Kat Von D Contour Palette & brush Giveaway

    1. Yes, Niod is so worth checking out! Such unique, innovative products :)

  4. I want to try them! Their products sound really good for the skin. I've never heard of the brand.

    1. Ah, Niod is so worth checking out! I'd love to hear if you ever test out their products :)


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