Monday, 22 June 2015

Life Recently: NYC, Day Two!

Hi, everyone! If you've been lurking around the blog lately, you'll know that I was in NYC earlier this week for a fun little trip with my parents. Our first day was nixed due to airport delays (ugh), but we were determined to take our two remaining days and make the most out of them!

Day One brought us to Times Square, Central Park, and Midtown, and on our second day we got to explore the park further and also head downtown to Greenwich Village and SoHo. These travels brought some incredible sites. top-notch shopping, amazing food, and a trip to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab (which I'll be posting more about in a future post, coming soon!). Couldn't have been a better day in my books!

Here are some highlights from Day Two:

We started the day off in Central Park. It was bright and sunny and we couldn't be happier!

All smiles, with Central Park West in the background

May or may not have been the apartment building from Ghostbusters

View across the  Jackie Kennedy Onassis Reservoir

Trees and buildings along Central Park West

Then we headed downtown! Here's shot of the arch in Washington Square Park, through which you can spy the Empire State Building!

Happy to be in Greenwich Village :)

My parents with the arch, which shows just how big it is! 

Looking south towards the World Trade Centre Memorial Tower

Then it was down to SoHo for my appointment at the Bite Beauty Lip Lab!

Sitting down with all the pigments, getting ready to mix!

Finding the perfect shade!

Lip Lab selfie! 

The finished product! 

Me wearing my new customized lipstick from Bite Beauty- it's perfect!
And  yes, I will be posting a full overview of my Lip Lab experience, including even more photos!

Then we were off to 12 Chairs for lunch- absolutely amazing Israeli food!

Eagerly anticipating our meals...


My Shakshuka was to die for! Hence, I'm all smiles :)

Ah, SoHo, you're my favourite :)

Even better, treating myself to a DVF wrap dress while in SoHo

Of course I had to make a pit stop at Space NK

View of the Chrysler Building from Broadway in SoHo. Skyscrapers don't come any more beautiful than this!

Even though our trip was cut short by Mother Nature, I think we did an amazing job at harnessing the two days we had and really make the most out of them. It was an absolute pleasure watching my parents take in the city for the first time; they're eager to go back, and I'd take them again in a heartbeat! The trip was a fantastic balance of sightseeing, shopping, and good food, and on the last night I got to spend the evening with an old friend and her new husband, which was an absolutely perfect way to end the vacation. NYC, I'll be seeing you again soon!

Have you ever been to New York City? Any vacation plans for the summer?

Thanks for dropping by! xo


  1. Can't wait to see your lip lap experience! That colour definitely seems right up your alley! It looks so gorgeous!

  2. I have been to NYC. It is such a fun city! Looking forward to your post on the Bite Lip Lab!

  3. FUN trip! I'd love to be able to get my own lipstick mixed! So cool!

  4. Seems like a great trip. I can't wait to visit NYC.

    Ivana x
    Block of Beauty

  5. Central Park is so beautiful in the summertime, and I'm with you, Soho is a beauty! One of the top places in NYC.
    I've never seen any Israeli cuisine restaurants before! Was it good? It looks kind of similar to Greek?

    1. I find Israeli cuisine to be very close to Lebanese/middle eastern cuisine- lots of chick peas, tahini, eggplant... and the spices are great!

  6. Oooohhh, now I really, really, really want to go to NYC, especially to go to the Lip Lab! I cannot tell you how excited I am for your review!

  7. Really great pictures, I love New York!


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