Thursday, 6 September 2012

My first Meow Cosmetics order: Tons of Purrrfect Samples :)

There I go with the cat puns again. I can't help it! I try to limit them to when the context calls for it, and this is one of those times :)

Meow Cosmetics (website here) is a mineral makeup company that prides itself on excellent quality, safe and natural formulations (no parabens or other preservatives, suitable for uber-sensitive skin) and ethical practcies (no animal testing). I had heard about the brand from a favourite blogger of mine, Viola at Killer Colours, who inspired me to find out what the brand had to offer. I was delighted to see that they had a comprehensive sampling program. Essentially, you can sample any of their items, for only $1 each!

I was extremely intrigued by their mineral foundation and was also curious about their colourful eye shadows and blushes. I selected a variety of foundation, eye, and cheek shade samples- so many items called to me!

When my package arrived, I was delighted to see that all the sample packets were nestled in feminine, feline-printed tissue paper:

I unwrapped it to find a plethora of mineral-filled baggies! *Angels singing at the array of makeup goodness*

Yes, I often photograph my products on top of my giant, old tv. Good lighting! ;)

Here's a closeup of the foundation samples:

And one of the blush and eye shadow samples:

Meow Cosmetics offers three foundation finishes, each promising a different level of coverage. All the samples I ordered were from the "Pampered Puss" range, which offers moderate coverage and a matte finish. The foundation also comes in 15 colour families (based on undertones) and shades for all skin tones. They offer an unprecedented 86 shades altogether! While the variety was truly impressive, it was also a bit overwhelming when it came to guessing what shade would be best for me. So I bought 8 samples!

I opted for foundations in 5 different colour families: "Siamese" (neutral), "Chartreux" (peach/yellow), "Mau" (warm), "Abyssinian" (yellow/beige), and "Korat" (golden beige). Any of these sounded like a possible match for my neutral-warm skin! I bought some in inensity #1 (very light, also known as "Sleek") and some in intensity #2 (light, also known as "Frisky"). They've set it up so that every shade corresponds with a unique kitty moniker. For example, I might be a "Frisky Siamese" or a "Sleek Abyssinian". Cute!

Here are a couple more photos of the foundation samples:

As for the eye shadows, I selected three mineral shadows from the End of Days collection (which I featured in a previous post, here): Hopeless (a golden-flecked teal), Nostradamus (a warm brown), and Prophecy (a multifaceted ivory). Meow Cosmetics also included a couple of complimentary eyeshadow samples- two nice purple shades!

Here's a closeup of the shadows:

And finally, I chose 5 different blush samples. My selections were based on shades that I thought would be unique and flattering, but the names were amusing too: Cherry Bomb (a vibrant pinky peach), Delusions (a sheer dusty rose), Infatuation (a sheer earthy peach), Harlot (a warm coral), and Coral Reefer (a bright, punchy coral). I hope to swatch these, as well as the eye shadows and foundations, soon!

Here's a closer picture of the blush samples:

And that's it! As I mentioned above, I hope to start featuring swatches and reviews of these products soon!

Are there any shades/products that you'd especially like to see me feature? Do you have any favourites from Meow Cosmetics?

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. This brand looks so quirky, I love it! Can't wait to see swatches, especially of the blushes x

    1. It's so quirky and the quality is great, from what I've tried so far! I hope to have some blush swatches up soon :)

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  3. I hope you do some swatches! They look so pretty!

    1. I just posted some pictures of the blush swatches- hope you enjoy them! :)


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