Thursday, 26 July 2012

B Kamins Clear Skin Kit- Update

Hello, everyone! A couple of months ago I posted my preliminary review of the B Kamins Clear Skin Kit, which you can peruse here . At the article's conclusion I promised an update, so here it is! (And here is a photo of what the kit looks like, to refresh your memory!):

My initial results with the kit were promising, so I've continued with many aspects of the regimen. I used up the majority of the mini-sized products within the first 4 weeks or so, and I was quick to re-purchased the Acne Wash and the Corrective Mattifier, which I have been using in tandem with the Blemish Gel, the lone full-sized product from the original kit. Here's a picture of the two full-sized goodies that I bought:

B Kamins Corrective Mattifier and Acne Wash, full-sized

I haven't been using the products quite as regularly or aggressively as I did initially, but the results have continued to impress. For instance, I only use the Corrective Mattifier every other evening (in order to reap its exfoliating and calming benefits without overdoing it) and I typically use the Spot Treatment only at nighttime as well. I've also been using the Purifying Mask about once per week, and have just recently exhausted the mini-sized tube. The Acne Wash, however, is the one product I don't think I can live without! I continue to use it every morning and evening. It is excellent at removing makeup, no longer dries out or irritates my skin, and has kept my face looking bright and smooth. It's a total winner!

Overall, the size, number, and frequency of breakouts on my face have slowly but steadily continued to decrease. My skin is certainly less red and angry and the texture is more refined. I am not completely acne-free and am still contending with some reddish post-acne marks, but I still find the changes in my skin to be quite notable and impressive!

I could continue to tout praises, but perhaps some photos would be a better illustration!

Here are a few pictures of me from last week, wearing only moisturizer and foundation primer:

As you can see, there is less redness and are fewer bumps on my skin now. Not perfect, but definitely smoother and more even-toned. If you want to see my "before" photos, check out my initial review, which is linked at the top of this article!

And here are a couple photos of me wearing only a sheer tinted moisturizer (Chantecaille Just Skin in Bliss). As you can see, with only a thin layer of product, my skin looks near-flawless. I definitely couldn't have claimed this a couple of months ago!

Overall, I'm quite happy that I opted for the B Kamins Clear Skin Kit those weeks ago- and so is my skin! B Kamins was lovely enough to replenish my stock of the Matte Moisturizer SPF 15 and the Purifying Mask, which I intend to re-introduce to my skincare routine as needed. I was delighted by their generosity! In any future updates regarding these products, I will be committed to full disclosure of which items have been sent my way and will remain dedicated to providing only the most veracious of reviews.

Thanks for reading, everyone! xoxo


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  2. WOWW! it seems a great product to decrease breakouts gradually.
    Sth not too radical is gd for skin! ♥

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  3. Yes, I agree- gentle, gradual treatments are the way to go! They produce results without damaging the skin. So important!

    Thanks for reading :)


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