Monday, 25 June 2012

Luxebox, May Edition

As it is nearly July, I thought it was about time I reviewed my May LuxeBox! When my package arrived late last month, I was intrigued to find two boxes inside. The black one was typical, while the white one, labelled "Bath and Body," was something new.

I opened the curious white one first, of course (the suspense was killing me! what lovely bath goodies would be inside?), to find two items:

When I laid eyes on the contents, I was pretty disappointed. Both items were from Olay, which is a highly accessible, affordable brand- hardly luxe!

The specific products were a tiny (7 mL) tube of Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex and a full-sized Venus & Olay razor.  The only upside was that I have been quite tempted to try a "razor and soap in one" product ever since their inception years ago. So at least I'll finally have a shot at that!

Next, I tackled the black box. As always, it featured a brochure outlining the products inside as well as a few coupons and special offers.

Here is a picture of the entire contents:

My initial reaction? Lots of small packets and very few substantial items! On closer inspection, here what was inside:

1) Two packets (only one shown) of Goldwell Rich Repair shampoo and conditioner

2) Orlane Anti-Fatigue Absolu Repairing Night Cream (3.5 mL)

3) A mini Cargo Lash Activator Duo (featuring a Lash Activator Night and a Lash Activator Mascara).

4) Sample tubes of a brand new fragrance, Paco Rabanne Black XS L'Exces (For Him and For Her)

Overall, I had very mixed feelings about May's LuxeBox offerings. My largest complaints were that everything was rather tiny and that the special "Bath and Body" feature didn't live up to my hopes (Olay, really??). On the upside, I am a fan of Cargo cosmetics, and am actually quite eager to test out their Lash Activator products (future blog review, perhaps?). I received their Lash Activator Mascara Primer in the  March edition of LuxeBox (which you can view here), so I'm curious about what these three products could do for my lashes. Also, I've already tested the Paco Rabanne perfume (the For Her option) and it is quite lovely. Fragrance samples are always hit or miss, but I'm quite please with this one!

Despite some promising elements to the May LuxeBox, my intention to continue with the program is definitely wavering. The products offered are generally quite small and the brands included are too often generic and inexpensive. I'm officially giving LuxeBox one more month to wow me- if they disappoint, I'm on to bigger and better things!

The June edition should be arriving in a few days, so I will keep you all posted!

Do any of you subscribe to LuxeBox or other monthly beauty samples services? What are your thoughts??


  1. To borrow a bit of phraseology from the baddest of mamma-jamma's, Mr. Luke Cage himself: "Sweet [make up] Christmas [in Toronto, Ontario circa the latter part of June, 2012] girlfriend!"

  2. Ooh it sounds silly, but I've never seen the Luxe box before, looks like you got a great little haul :-)

    Lucy x

    1. Thanks! I hadn't really heard about any of these programs till a few months ago (there are others that are similar to LuxeBox out there). But it's been a fun little treat each month!

      Thanks for reading :)


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