Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Luxebox, April Edition!

Last week I arrived home to find a parcel waiting for me on the porch (always the best feeling!). I excitedly opened it, to find it was the April installment of Luxebox! To read a full description of the Luxebox program and a review of my March box, see here).

As with last month, the packaging was sleek and feminine, sealed with a personalized sticker!

The Daffodil Pin was a nice touch, given that April is the Canadian Cancer Society's Awareness Month!

It also contained a detailed brochure, outlining the contents and how to use them:

Here is a closeup of everything that was inside!

The specific products enclosed were:

1) Orlane Absolute Skin Recovery Cleansing Serum for Eyes. This is a super luxe product, so they compensated by making a very small tube of it!

2) Seche Vite Top Coat. A small bottle of quick-drying clear polish.

3) Bobos Remi Professional Leave-In Conditioner. A decent-sized spray bottle of fresh-scented, shine-enhancing leave-in conditioner.

4) Pantene Auqa Light Shampoo and Conditioner. Sample sized bottles of Pantene's new weightless moisture products.

The Verdict: I was slightly disappointed in the month's LuxeBox, only because the main focus was on hair care products, which has never been my real beauty passion. I've been in the market for a new leave-in conditioner for some time, however, so the Bobos Remi one included here may fit the bill! I'm also excited to test out the Orlane eye cleansing serum, as it's always fun to sample a high-end product that would normally never make it into my clutches.

Currently, the main appeal of Luxebox is the excitement of receiving a package of beauty treats in the mail each month. In the future I will have to weigh this nerdy makeup excitement with the actual quality of the products inside and make an informed decision about whether to continue with the program. But for now, I anxiously await the May installment!

Thanks for reading! xoxo


  1. So, a make-up product Christmas once a month? I could think of worse things.

  2. Seche Vite is my favourite top coat! Have you ever tried it??

    1. No, I've never tried it! Next time I paint my nails (which isn't often enough- I'm pretty lazy with it), I'll test it out :)

  3. The Pantene products are a bit disappointing, not only because they're Procter & Gamble, but also because I'd expect all of the samples to be high-end boutique or department store products.

    I wonder if you can send them some feedback about that?

    1. Yeah, last month I was able to complete a survey about how I felt about the box's contents. I'll definitely express a bit of disappointment about the Pantene inclusion.

  4. I'm with both of you on this - Pantene? Really?

    At least you've got what looks to be an interesting leave-in conditioner. Let me know how it works out.


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