Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Gettin' Retro with Lush!

Having been a fan of Lush for over ten years (a certified Lushie!), I've seen a lot of awesome products come and go. Although I haven't spent copious amounts of time pining for these soaps, shampoos, and shower gels of times past, once in a while I get a hankering to indulge in some of those yummy scents and textures.

Solution? Retro Lush! Over the past couple of years, Lush has begun to re-introduce older products for the sake of such sentimental and nostalgic Lushies like me, and I recently took advantage of this exciting program. Available online only (at lushcanada.com), Lush has currently ressurected more than 80 products that had previously bitten the dust. Here's what I ordered:

I picked up three lovely and fragrant products:

  • Antiphiltron is a zingy lemon-scented shampoo designed to remove oil and other residues from greasy hair. While it's a bit too drying to use every day, it's great to use as a clarifying shampoo a couple times per week in the summertime. And the citrus scent does a great job at waking me up in the morning! I'd tried this product way back in high school (the 90s, people!) and was thrilled to give it another go.

  • Skin Sin is a lightweight, yet creamy body lotion with a sultry black cherry scent. It was one of my favourites about five years ago, so I was excited to find it in the Retro section. The texture and scent are perfect for summer. Fruity goodness!

  • Freeze is another one of Lush's golden oldies, discontinued several years ago. With a combination of mint, orange oil, and sea salt, it is the ultimate summer refresher, leaving skin fresh and tingly as it cleans.

Overall, if you're someone who is sentimental for scents of years past, are a fan of Lush's unique formulas, or simply are inclined to use natural-based, quirky skin care products, check out Retro Lush!


  1. Oh skin sin, how I love/miss thee! Actually... LUSH, how I long for thee! Great choices lady!

  2. Hey Courtney! It's nice to hear from someone else who appreciates the yummyness that is Skin Sin :) I don't know if it'll be on their site indefinitely, so you should pick some up! xoxo

  3. SushDawg = The lovely Ms. Suchiu?


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